From Criptan they claim that interest in Bitcoin has increased in Spain

Criptan, the Valencian platform for the sale of cryptocurrencies, has multiplied its sales volume by 10 by November 2020. This has been reported to the company Cointelegraph in Spanish while interest in Bitcoin has increased in Spain.

They described this in detail with an explanation This year until November 2020, Criptan recorded a total of nine million euros in business volume and sales: “Five million in cryptocurrency trading and four million in sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.”

“In 2019 this platform closed the year with a transaction volume of 480,000 euros for purchases and sales, compared to the five million euros registered by November 2020,” they said.

From Criptan they claim that interest in Bitcoin has increased in Spain
From Criptan they claim that interest in Bitcoin has increased in Spain

The platform, which operates in the European Union and has 95% business volume in Spain, plans to expand in Latin America in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

For Criptan’s co-founder Jorge Soriano, this increase in transaction and billing volume “coincided with the growth of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies over the past year”.

The startup aims to invest resources to make the investment profitable from 2022. For the next year, the platform plans rapid growth with the registration of 100,000 users, representing around 35,000 to 40,000 active users and generating a business volume of 100 million euros.

Spanish market

On the Spanish market, Criptan is one of the youngest trading platforms for cryptocurrencies with a very defined market segment. The aim is to ensure that the use of this type of platform reaches every citizen in a simple and close way.

In addition, one of the pillars of the roadmap for 2021 is the introduction of new services on its platform aimed at improving the current behavior of users and introducing new technologies.

Jorge Soriano commented:

“The pandemic did not change our roadmap, but strengthened and reinforced it. It taught us that we are on the right track and that we need to continue on this path of simplicity, trust and closeness. ”

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