From 2gether they propose a solution for those affected by last Friday’s attack

Crypto investment accounts from the 2gether platform, which operates in Europe, were hacked last Friday. By the company, Salvador Casquero (President), Ramón Ferraz (CEO) and Luis Estrada (Director), They made a statement detailing the situation and a possible solution for those affected.

“”As you know, since Friday July 31, we have been dealing with a very difficult and highly insecure situation for everyone, caused by hacking a significant portion of the cryptocurrencies available in two other user accounts.“You noted in the statement.

“Since we became aware of the attack, we have been fighting tirelessly on several fronts. First, we worked to stop the coup, limit the loss to ~ € 1,183m (which corresponds to 26.79% of positions in Kraken user accounts) and the integrity of the Euro accounts, the BTC and ETH Purses and true 2GT accounts. D.In the two days after the attack, we worked to find the means to cover all positions. In particular and until a few minutes ago we negotiated with an investment group with which we unfortunately could not reach an agreement“They added.

From 2gether they propose a solution for those affected by last Friday’s attack
From 2gether they propose a solution for those affected by last Friday’s attack

“While this was happening We have tried to translate progress with complete transparency, yes, to avoid false expectations unless we have sufficient resources to cover the position“You noticed.

At this point, They wanted to propose a solution that offered guarantees to the funds: “Compensation for the position in stolen cryptocurrencies (26.79% of the position before the attack) with a volume of 2GT, which corresponds to the issue price of 5 cents.”

On the other hand, They promised to keep lookingquickest additional funds to replace cryptocurrencies. The idea is that in addition to the equivalent in 2GT tokens at the issue price, those affected can regain their entire position.

“With all our regret, we can assure you that if we could use our resources to deal with this collapse, we would do it. In fact, we have worked tirelessly to get it for the past 48 hours. It was not possible and we want it Don’t delay the answer any longer, ”they emphasized when signing.

They also highlighted: “2gether is still a great project that some soulless people have tried to keep this in check ”. But they were convinced by the company that they would push it forward.

“Starting on the same Friday and parallel to the search for the solution (…), the technical team is working on restoring the app with all the guarantees that there are no weak points,” they explained. In this way, users can access their positions and work freely. “It is not an easy task and we also do this together with an external team of experts. The app will be active as soon as possible and with certainty, ”they added.

It should be noted that they will organize an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in the coming days to clarify any doubts the users may have.

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