French National Assembly calls China’s treatment of Uyghurs ‘genocide’

PARIS, January 21 (EP/DPA) –

France’s National Assembly passed a resolution this Thursday calling the Chinese government’s treatment of the Uyghur ethnic minority, mostly based in the north-west of the country, “genocide”.

French National Assembly calls China’s treatment of Uyghurs ‘genocide’
French National Assembly calls China’s treatment of Uyghurs ‘genocide’

Thus, the lower house of the French Parliament has given the go-ahead for this resolution with the support of practically all parliamentarians – 169 votes in favor and only one against.

With this measure, the French Assembly is demanding an end to the repression of this group and is calling on the government of Emmanuel Macron to put pressure on China and to declare the treatment of the Uyghurs “genocide”.

French Trade Minister Franck Riester has said it is not up to the government to legally declare the affair a “genocide”, although he has alluded to serious human rights violations.

Riester has claimed that the French government has condemned the Chinese executive’s mistreatment of the Uyghurs, called for an end to it and attempted to put the issue on the international agenda.

China has come under increasing criticism over alleged abuses against the majority Muslim ethnic group, although the Asian country’s authorities have denied the allegations.

This situation is becoming a crossroads for international diplomacy with China every day, all the more so with the celebration of the Winter Olympics in the Chinese capital Beijing on the horizon.

Citizens who have migrated from the Xinjiang region, where many Uyghurs live, have reported a series of attacks on their rights as they left the country, as well as arrests and detention in facilities where they were forced to stop their customs of the Uyghur culture.

China has accused some Uyghur groups of supporting separatist movements and even being behind terrorist attacks.

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