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Free tools to position your company

August 14, 2020

Facebook offers a number of free tools that you can use to consolidate your company’s digital presence, no matter what you specialize in.

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  • The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged the operations of many small businesses
  • 46% of Mexico’s SMBs chose online sales to survive
  • Facebook has several free tools to help boost your business
Free tools to position your companyFree tools to position your company

The circumstances of 2020 were more complicated than ever for them small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the continued isolation has resulted in consumers purchasing new productsevo consumer habits and are increasingly turning to online shopping.

According to data from the Global Small Business Report from Facebook, the World Bank and the OECD, 46% of SMEs in Mexico have registered one in four (25%) or more of their internet sales. This means that companies that have endured and want to endure the inclusions of this year have turned to digital transformation to grow their income and reach more people.

In circumstances like the current one, it is important for local businesses to identify available resources that can help them minimize disruption to their operations and stay in touch with their customers. Facebook offers a number of free tools that you can use to consolidate your company’s digital presence, no matter what you specialize in.

Facebook offers a number of free tools for SMB / Image: Tim Bennett on Unsplash

With this tool you can:

  • Have a digital showcase
  • Increase Businesses Online Presence
  • C.Share information about products and services
  • Show opening times
  • Book appointments (especially important for companies that operate exclusively through them)
  • Show customer ratings
  • Personalization with stories, events, and more.

People go to Instagram to discover things that inspire them.

A company profile offers:

  • A visual experience
  • Increasing the digital presence of companies
  • Real-time statistics and results on the performance of stories and posts

The Facebook marketplace offers the possibility:

  • Compile an online catalog that you can access on Facebook and / or Instagram
  • Adjust the space to make sales easier
  • Organize products into different sections so customers can browse the store by category

These social messaging networks are tools that also provide a modality for business and provide:

  • Easy communication between customers and companies
  • Centralization of customer service
  • Set up automatic replies
  • Option to organize conversations into useful categories like “New Customers” or “Pending Orders” so you don’t miss any news or sales
  • In addition, the Business Resource Center was recently launched, where SMEs can also get training, advice and information from healthcare professionals.

More than 180 million companies worldwide use Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp every month to connect, sell and grow with their customers. Small and medium-sized businesses are at the heart of the Facebook community, and their platforms can help them weather the crisis and better prepare for the economic recovery.

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