Free TON launches competitions to distribute tokens among network members

The Free TON Community on Monday officially submitted proposals for the first community competitions in the Free TON forum. Every competition aims Distribute at least 50,000 TON among the winners. Participants and juries. All three competitions are expected close on May 25th.

Free TON, a decentralized blockchain network derived from TON or Telegram Open Network (Telegram’s blockchain system), starts the first community competitions to strengthen its network. As of Monday, users, developers and validators are invited to participate. in three different competitions, where Free TON plans to distribute thousands of TON crystals or TON as a reward.

Free TON contests are the only way to get TON crystals

The first series of Free TON competitions is aimed at developers of majority voting systems, also known as SMV systems, DevOps tools, and airdrops competitions. Although SMV and DevOps systems are designed for developers and validators, The competition is open to anyone who wants to participate.

Free TON launches competitions to distribute tokens among network members
Free TON launches competitions to distribute tokens among network members

The Free TON community explained Cointelegraph as These competitions are currently the only way to get TON crystals, which means the TON They can only be distributed to those who have contributed to the network. The mission of these competitions is to “distribute tokens meritocratically,” said Free TON, noting this The community plans to hold more and more competitions every week.

As reported There are over five billion tons of crystal markers. 85% should be distributed to TON Free partners and users and 10% to developers. The remaining 5% go to community validators.

Free TON still hopes that Americans can participate

As already mentioned, U.S. citizens are currently unable to join the network. The description of Free TON for the competition is:

“Anyone can participate, but distribute Free TON or tokens to United States citizens or organizations.”

Apparently people in the US USA are not invited to participate in Free TON Blockchain due to existing regulatory concerns about TON. On TuesdayPavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, officially announced the end of the Telegram Open Network and Gram tokens after a regulatory fight. citing a U.S. court that prohibited Telegram from distributing its tokens around the world.

Despite the complicated regulatory situation, the Free TON community remains expects US companies to join the network someday. “If we grow to achieve full decentralization, all of these obstacles will be removed organically,” the community said when Free TON launched on May 7th.

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