Free Quarantine Language Courses (English to Korean)

We present a list of all free language courses that you can take during this quarantine.

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Free Quarantine Language Courses (English to Korean)
Free Quarantine Language Courses (English to Korean)

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We had to postpone the task of starting the year more than once learn a new languageBut now that time is no longer an excuse, we’re just a click away from talking about it English, French, Italian, Portugueseand why not a little Greek.

With this in mind, we have a compilation of the virtual language courses most complete and reputable that you can find on the Internet. The free registration can be done from anywhere in the world and the investment time is managed by each student. In simple words, you have the last word.

Before we present the list of language courses, we answer a few frequently asked questions:

How do I register for courses? Suffice it to go to the links we share below, read the course information with the content that is taught every week, and finally create a user account (first and last name, email, password, and other academic) Interests).

Can I register for more than one course? Of course. It all depends on your organizational capacity and availability to achieve the hourly workload required. Of course, remember that it is not about “learning for learning”, but that all learning is a process that takes time.

Do I get a certificate after completion? Depending on the information of the individual courses, a digital certification can be requested after passing the final assessment. In some cases, the accreditation granted involves costs, but is in no way dependent on free access to the course.

After clarifying these points, tell us which free language courses you can take in this quarantine:

English courses

1. Preparation course for the TOEFL test

  • Content: An eleven-week course taught by the same ETS professionals who are responsible for creating, managing, and evaluating the world’s most trusted exam.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

2. Complete the English course taught by UNAM

  • content: Self-government educational program, that is, depending on your experience and understanding of the English language, you can explore each lesson module and do a short assessment as feedback.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

3. Basic English: conversation and networking

  • content: The goal of this course, certified by Anahuac University of Mexico, is to learn basic English, to use it strategically in business and to increase your professional success.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

4. Basic English: understanding and pronunciation

  • content: No pressure! A collection of complementary resources to learn English anytime of the day or in your free time.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

5. Preparation course for the IELTS test

  • Content: The University of Queensland has taught this 80-hour course, which is sure to take the world’s most popular language test in the English-speaking world.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

6. English grammar and style

  • content: Again, the University of Queensland offers an advanced English course to learn important grammar concepts and strategies and to respond safely to the demand for a high level of literacy in the 21st century.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

7. Advanced English courses

  • content: For those who already speak the language, you will find a good selection of up to 30 advanced English courses offered by the most prestigious universities abroad.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

French courses

8. Advanced French course B1-B2

  • Content: French course at intermediate level B1 / B2 of the École Polytechnique, which meets the requirements of the European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Link: Register for free

9. Basic French: exercises and readings

  • Content: Learning French is not a headache. Here you have various reading resources and exercises to practice everything you know about French.
  • Link: Register for free

Italian courses

10. Italian courses (intermediate level)

  • content: With some knowledge of the Italian language, you can access this agenda with free courses taught by universities in the same country.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

11. Italian: reading comprehension

  • Content: Install yourself in one of the most comfortable places at home and consult all of these free resources to read, understand and train your brain with a lot of Italian.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

Korean courses

12. Free Korean course for beginners

  • Content: Five-week course at Yonsei University, where you will learn the most important skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing in the official language of the Asian country.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

13. Korean Vocabulary (Basic Level)

  • content: nobody said it was easy. Give yourself the opportunity to explore the vast universe of Korean from vocabulary to the strangest sentences.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

Mandarin Chinese courses

13. Learn Chinese with the Beijing University course

  • content: 7-week university course in which various topics relating to mastery, understanding and basic concepts of the language are dealt with.
  • shortcut: Sign up for free

14. Basic Mandarin Chinese Conversation Guide

  • Content: Learn to start a Mandarin Chinese conversation with these educational resources to read, practice, and use word meanings.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

Japanese courses

15. First steps to learn Japanese

  • Content: And if you dare to take the big leap, check out this list of courses to learn Japanese from elementary to intermediate.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

16. Basic knowledge of Japanese

  • Content: Learn at your own pace and manage your time to learn the Japanese vocabulary, its grammatical aspects and some basic terms of the language.
  • Link: Register for free

Greek courses

17. Ancient Greek

  • Content: The Autonomous University of Madrid teaches you the essentials of the classic Greek verb system and its syntax with cultural content related to philosophy, politics and love in antiquity.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

Other languages

18. German lessons

  • Content: In addition to introductory language lessons, we can also access reading instructions on German grammar and phonetics.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

19. Write, entertain and understand Portuguese

  • content: Know the most common words in Portuguese, make your own phrases and compare phonological systems with Spanish to learn their correct pronunciation.
  • Link: Register for free

Basic Latin for beginners

  • Content: It is certainly not the language with the highest demand worldwide, but we still have a number of exercises and learning methods to learn Latin in a didactic way.
  • Shortcut: Sign up for free

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