Free LinkedIn courses to improve your resume

An entrepreneur knows that he will never complete or finish preparation and that training is key to achieving the goals. LinkedIn Learning has published a list of free courses you can take on their platform to keep building skills and building your career path.

Become a graphic designer: If you want to learn the basic concepts of graphic design in order to generate innovative visual concepts, this course is for you. Master the basics to create innovative design projects and discover the skills you need to become a great visual thinker and communicator. Also learn how to manage design teams and take your first steps in managing your design company.

Free LinkedIn courses to improve your resume
Free LinkedIn courses to improve your resume

Master in Digital Marketing: In this 24-hour course, you will use your creative, analytical, and tactical skills to help businesses grow by opening up new opportunities as a digital marketer. From creating marketing plans and content strategies to lead generation and SEO, learn the principles of digital marketing, as well as best practices and tools to successfully navigate the world of digital marketing.

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Learn how to manage projects: Project management is one of the main activities of companies that want to become catalysts for change. In this course, you will learn the skills needed to inspire your team to work with the vision and goal of a common cause and manage projects from the start using the most effective project management techniques and knowledge.

Become a real IT administrator: IT management has become one of the top priorities for businesses in transitioning from new remote work schemes. In this course, you will learn to design your own network, and you will develop and expand your knowledge of cybersecurity and the various skills you need to properly manage your own company’s networks on a daily basis. Daily basis.

Learn the skills required to be a sales professional: If you’re looking to make sales and open up new business opportunities, this course is for you. In 10 hours of content you will learn how to instill trust, pay attention to your customers, influence their decisions and learn from their mistakes. Likewise, you’ll develop the tools necessary to become a sales professional, from attracting new customers to negotiating and selling techniques.

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