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France, the United Kingdom and Germany, “deeply concerned” about the rebound of the Iranian nuclear industry í

September 13, 2019


France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the EU have said they are “deeply concerned” about the installation of new centrifuges to enrich uranium in Iran, since it represents a flagrant violation of the commitments signed under the 2015 nuclear agreement, whose survival depends precisely of the European powers.

The foreign ministers of France, the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as the EU High Foreign Policy Representative fear that the agreement will be “dismantled” after Iran has responded to the resumption of sanctions by the United States with successive breaches of the signed commitments, so that it no longer applies “essential provisions”.

The call has come after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on September 8 alerted the installation of centrifuges in Natanz, a breakthrough by which the signatory countries have been “deeply concerned.”

“We are convinced that the latest events underscore the need for diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions and resume a dialogue that we fully support,” they added, in a notice to Tehran to refrain from any new measures and cooperate with the IAEA. “on all relevant issues”.

In recent months, the Iranian Government has been abandoning several of the commitments contemplated in the nuclear agreement and has warned that it will follow the same line if the Islamic Republic is not compensated for the effects of US sanctions. Washington has laid down a line of credits of 15,000 million dollars proposed by Paris.

Iran's new efforts to get more advanced technology for uranium enrichment could allow it to get richer reserves at a slower pace, which would allow the Ayatollah regime to produce more rapidly nuclear warhead material if it wanted to take this course.