France suspends sanctions against London while fishing license negotiations continue

French President Emmanuel Macron this Monday suspended the sanctions against Great Britain, which should come into force on Tuesday, and showed his confidence in the negotiations over the dispute over the fishing licenses in the English Channel.

“We will not impose sanctions while we are negotiating,” Macron assured the media from Glasgow, where he is staying for COP26, an announcement that he will for the time being stop the announced sanctions, including the disembarkation ban, on British ships or increase their controls , reports among others the French newspaper ‘Le Parisien’.

France suspends sanctions against London while fishing license negotiations continue
France suspends sanctions against London while fishing license negotiations continue

As part of the fishing crisis, the negotiations between Paris and London were developed together with the European Commission this Monday and will be announced on Thursday 4th British for Brexit, David Frost, via his Twitter profile.

Frost confirmed the holding of this meeting at the invitation of France to continue “an in-depth discussion of the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom”, thus continuing the dialogue launched in the EU last day, as the French Secretary of State said for European affairs, Clemente Beaune, stressed in publications on the same social network.

“We have received the first signals from the British authorities to accelerate trade. A reaction to the latest proposals from the French authorities is expected on Wednesday,” said Beaune of the recent talks.

“In order to continue the open dialogue, the measures announced and prepared by France will not be applied until this meeting and the examination of the new UK responses on fishing licenses,” he said.

Against this backdrop, the UK Brexit Minister welcomed France’s announcement of the suspension of sanctions and reiterated his commitment to pursue “an intensive dialogue” on the crisis, including “examining new licenses in support of the remaining applications”.

He also welcomed “France’s acknowledgment that in-depth discussions are needed to resolve the multiple difficulties” in relations between London and the European Union.

Frost will be the one to meet with Beaune in Paris on Thursday and continue negotiations, the resumption of which was announced by Macron, who added that the meetings will take place “on the basis of the proposals” he himself gave to British Prime Minister Boris. made Johnson.

Before announcing the suspension of the sanctions, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss gave the French government 48 hours on Monday to withdraw her “threats” on the matter and assured that London would take action against such behavior “unfit for an ally” .

The French executive put a number of possible sanctions on the table last week, including a ban on mooring British boats in response to the reduction in permits granted to French fishermen to fish in canal waters. Paris does not rule out a restriction of the power supply either. Approximately 1,700 European vessels are licensed to fish in British waters.

The British Brexit minister confirmed on Saturday that his country is “actively” considering the launch of the dispute settlement mechanism provided for in the exit agreements of the European Union in order to resolve the current fisheries dispute with France.

For its part, the French government insists that almost half of the license applications submitted by French fishermen have not yet been accepted, despite having provided the documents requested by the UK authorities to confirm compliance with the Brexit agreements.

After the Brexit trade agreement signed at the end of 2020, European fishermen will be able to operate in British waters provided they can demonstrate that they have previously operated there.

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