Fox Business mistakenly interviewed a Bitcoin SV supporter?

An unusual interview with Bitcoin SV (BSV) supporter Jimmy Nguyen about Fox Business appears to have been canceled today after Nguyen continued to criticize Bitcoin..

Nguyen appeared on the December 3rd episode of “Varney and Co.” from Fox Business to discuss growing interest in Bitcoin, but the interview ended abruptly after a total of about two minutes.

Introduced as founding president of the “Bitcoin Association”, Nguyen repeatedly spoke about Bitcoin in response to questions from moderator Stuart Varney that Bitcoin was increasingly being used for payments..

Fox Business mistakenly interviewed a Bitcoin SV supporter?
Fox Business mistakenly interviewed a Bitcoin SV supporter?

Bitcoin SV was also not mentioned on the charts, not in the introduction, not in the interview itself, which led to it speculate What The moderator or the producers (or both) may not have been aware that the “President of the Bitcoin Association” was actually an advocate of the controversial BSV fork.

When asked by host Stuart Varney if he thought the use of Bitcoin as a currency continued to increase, Nguyen replied, “No, I disagree. I think bitcoin is very rarely used these days to pay for things in stores. “. Nguyen went on to say that Bitcoin’s “inability to scale” is the main culprit behind the “7” transaction fees that prevent Bitcoin from being used as the currency for day-to-day transactions.

Nguyen also used his short airtime to ditch Bitcoin’s “Store of Value” narratives, while claiming that the price has risen lately. As an example of what he believed to be an abuse of Bitcoin, he cited companies that have added large amounts of BTC to their holdings in the past few months:

“Public companies like MicroStrategy and Square have bought large reserves of the coin and are treating them as reserve assets in the hope that it will only increase in value through parking and not through day-to-day transactions and in the marketplace. Consumer life. “

Bitcoin supporters and BSV critics went to Twitter comment some of the curiosities surrounding the interviewThis shows that they found it strange that Jimmy Nguyen, one of the main faces behind Bitcoin SV, was invited by Fox Business to speak about Bitcoin (BTC).

To Indian how curious the fact that Nguyen had no opportunity at all to mention BSV in the short interview, so the mention of his position as the founding president of the Bitcoin Association suggested without any context that it was a BSV organization.. Twitter users Zectro He said, “It’s delicious that he went there to make a BSV joke and he couldn’t even get it right.”

The declaration of Bitcoin SV as the “real” Bitcoin and the use of the name of the Bitcoin Association instead of the more correct name of the “Bitcoin SV Association” is inviting Comparisons with Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash promotion and sale on the websitewhich has created potential confusion among crypto newbies.

From the end of March, Nguyen took a long break on Twitter.This led to statements that he knowingly evaded a subpoena relating to the ongoing legal battle between Satoshi’s plaintiff Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman’s estate. He returned to the platform in mid-June, where he continues to be a staunch supporter and promoter of Bitcoin SV..

30. September Nguyen wrote a guest post for Cointelegraph in which he expressed his desire to unite the world behind a single log grove..

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