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Four ways to improve your wardrobe before Bitcoin is cut in half

May 11, 2020

While there is an apparently endless stream of advice on how to dress for almost every occasion in the fashion press and on social media, there has been a very striking omission so far.

How should the sophisticated city of Bitcoiners dress for an event that takes place every four years: halving? Let Cointelegraph help you …

We celebrate halving from head to toe

Let’s start by covering the limbs. No well-dressed head cut in half is complete without a hat. Finally, even if it is already May, we should not rule out the possibility of a breeze blowing up, which will devastate your mediocre, perfectly padded barnet. Naturally In the cryptocurrency world, your standard hat of choice (despite Brock Pierce’s opinion) should be a baseball cap.

Four ways to improve your wardrobe before Bitcoin is cut in halfFour ways to improve your wardrobe before Bitcoin is cut in half

Why not wear the classic design of the snapback cap? Embroidered with a logo to commemorate the 2020 Bitcoin halvingand available in a range of colors, including a gorgeous version of green camouflage for those who celebrate discreetly.

The head is ready … but nobody wants her toes to get cold. Luckily these MtSock’s toe warmers catch the whole spirit of halving, and some might even win a few.

Finish the “look”

Here at Cointelegraph We can skilfully dress your torso with one of our halving unisex shirts, with a science fiction illustration depicting the event. Available in four different colors and sizes from small to XXXL. Use code HODLERSDIGEST30 to get 30% off at the time of your purchase.

To save your Bitcoin while enjoying the halving event, Ballet has created a 24-carat gold-plated version of its offline cryptocurrency. Remember not to scratch the gold plate if you want to get to the passphrase to collect it.

Now They look as good as David Beckham’s cat and can sit back and celebrate the halving, for example Cointelegraph live coverage of the eventwith the certainty that your fashion health has never been better.

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