Four Swordsmen Attack Police in Indonesia Amid a Siege of Violence

Indonesia’s counterterrorism police force, known as Detachment 88, has been fully deployed in the wake of the recent attacks.

On Tuesday evening, the police raided a densely populated neighborhood in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city, while searching for the brother of Anton Ferdiantono, the suspected militant who officials say accidentally detonated an explosive device in his apartment on Sunday night, killing his wife and one of their children. Three other children survived.

During the police operation, there was about an hour of gunfire and other activity related to the raid in the working-class neighborhood. Surabaya’s mayor, Tri Rismaharini, who came to the scene, said that counterterrorism police had shot dead Dedi Sulistiantono, the younger brother of Mr. Ferdiantono.

Four Swordsmen Attack Police in Indonesia Amid a Siege of Violence
Four Swordsmen Attack Police in Indonesia Amid a Siege of Violence

Earlier, a police spokesman in East Java, Frans Barung Mangera, said that the suspect had fought back, which was why Detachment 88 “had to take firm action.” Ms. Rismaharini said that Mr. Sulistiantono’s wife and four children had been taken into custody.

In the family’s Surabaya neighborhood, a warren of rented rooms and small eateries, neighbors described Mr. Sulistiantono as religious and reserved. He did not, for instance, attend the mosque just down the street from the rented room where he lived with his family, they said.

“We never interacted with him,” said Hengki Firmansyah, a neighborhood administrative official. “He never spoke with us. He has his own congregation that we were not part of.”

Mr. Sulistiantono’s wife, however, did not wear the niqab, a conservative Muslim veil that covers all of the head and face save for the eyes. She instead wore a hijab, a face-baring veil that is common in Indonesia. Their children did not attend public school, and their youngest child, the boy, only went to evening Quran classes.

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