Former Nissan CEO organized his escape from Japan with a Bitcoin payment of $ 500,000

Carlos Ghosn, the former Nissan boss who escaped his house arrest in Japan in December, paid his mining team half a million dollars in cryptocurrency.

Ghosn’s son arranged for a payment for, according to a U.S. attorney general Peter Taylor, one of the two men who helped the former Nissan president escape from Japan, for USD 500,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) via the U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Taylor and her father, the former Green Beret (U.S. Army Special Forces) Michael Taylor, smuggled out Ghosn from Japan in a musical instrument box and helped him with his transfer from Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

Allegedly Ghosn paid the Taylors a total of $ 1.36 million for services related to their flight from Japan and their relocation to Lebanon. where you have citizenship. Payments in BTC were made in installments from January to May. after Ghosn’s dramatic escape on December 29. Japanese researchers said that Ghosn himself Transfer $ 860,000 to a Peter Taylor-owned company as the first part of the payment.

Former Nissan CEO organized his escape from Japan with a Bitcoin payment of $ 500,000
Former Nissan CEO organized his escape from Japan with a Bitcoin payment of $ 500,000

The Taylors have been in US custody at the request of the Japanese government since their arrest in May. Ghosn is currently free in Lebanon, a country without an extradition agreement with Japan.

Escape Japan

Ghosn was arrested and charged four times in the Asian nation between 2018 and 2019. about charges related to financial crimes at Nissan that resulted in periods of detention, isolation, interrogation without a lawyer, and eventually house arrest. Your lawyer and others in the country they called the treatment “hostage justice,” accuses the Japanese authorities of having obtained confessions through prolonged detention.

The former Nissan boss has been under house arrest in Tokyo since April. when the Taylor in costume came to attend a violin concerto. Ghosn was free to visit the nearby Grand Hyatt Hotel, where he met the Taylors. Then he could take public transportation from Tokyo to Osaka, where the largest musical instrument case (with ghosn inside) was loaded onto a private plane to Istanbul before a second plane was taken to Beirut.

Similarities to the Mt. Gox case

The Ghosn case is similar to that of Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of the late crypto exchange Mt Gox.

Both men were subject to Japanese law for alleged financial crimes. Like Ghosn, Karpeles was familiar with the country’s judicial system after spending eleven months in prison since his arrest in August 2015. Before Ghosn’s escape, the two even spoke in person, a conversation that could have influenced his decision to flee Japan.

However, Karpeles decided to face the system. He was eventually cleared of the main allegations related to Mt. Gox, but charged with embezzling electronic funds. His last appeal against the final indictment was rejected in June.

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