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Former Facebook advisor joins Coinbase as Chief Legal Officer

July 9, 2020

Paul Grewal, a former U.S. judge in California and deputy general counsel for Facebook, joins the Crypto Exchange Coinbase legal team.

In a July 8 announcement on the Coinbase blog, the crypto exchange said so Grewal’s addition will help “pave the way for the next phase of awareness and the introduction of cryptocurrencies.” The new Chief Legal Officer will also lead the legal team as a Coinbase partner with the regulatory authorities for financial services and develop and launch new products and services.

According to Coinbase Grewal oversaw over a thousand cases in his five years as a judgeand “played a significant role” in Apple v. Samsung and Oracle v. Google, two basic technology cases.

Enter different roles …

Former Facebook advisor joins Coinbase as Chief Legal OfficerFormer Facebook advisor joins Coinbase as Chief Legal Officer

Coinbase is announced two months after former legal adviser Brian P. Brooks left the crypto exchange after two years. He is now head of the US Comptroller’s Office, an office in the Treasury Department.

It is unclear whether Grewal’s appointment was affected by a recent class action lawsuit against Coinbase’s “data plumber” Plaid, which was filed after Brooks’ departure. The plaintiffs allege that Plaid violated privacy and data protection by accumulating and monetizing the financial transactions of millions of users.

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