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Former CIA agent claims Microsoft’s crypto mining patent is part of the satanic conspiracy

September 10, 2020

Cryptocurrencies are not immune to the feverish weather of 2020, a year that marks the line between mainstream politics and A variety of online conspiracy theories are becoming increasingly blurred.

Kevin Shipp, a former CIA counterintelligence and human resources investigator who has over 150,000 followers On twitter, recently dragged a Microsoft crypto mining patent into the swamp.

On September 10, Shipp tied Microsoft’s recent patent for Microsoft’s cryptocurrency mining system, which allows users to mine cryptocurrencies based on their physical activity data, with a short-lived Microsoft announcement filed by the Serbian artist. Marina Abramovic.

Former CIA agent claims Microsoft’s crypto mining patent is part of the satanic conspiracyFormer CIA agent claims Microsoft’s crypto mining patent is part of the satanic conspiracy

The ad that advertises a new mixed reality headset from Microsoft is called HoloLens 2, It was loudly removed after right-wing internet users attacked the video in protest of Abramovic’s alleged satanism.

Shipp’s Twitter account provides ample evidence of his taste for the conspiracy: Abramovic and Gates are just two of the many public figures who are marked with the “parallel government” link, the alleged defense against pedophilia, “Antifa” and the “insurrection” and “black supremacy”.

In the last few months, a right-wing extremist conspiracy policy is no longer easy to dismiss as a marginal phenomenon. Witness the rise of Qanon, a sprawling network of theories portraying Donald Trump as a fearless warrior against a deep, satanic state clique marked by pedophilia and child sacrifice.

The former researcher isn’t the first to notice either apparently dark case of “Microsoft Patent WO2020060606”. At the beginning of this year, the renowned Oscar-winning film director Nikita Mikhalovhe told the Russian state media company RT as The patent was evidence of Bill Gates’ nefarious plans to use the vaccine as an excuse to implant microchips into humanity.

Focusing on the name of the patent, Mikailov commented:

“Part 060606 is a bit alarming. You probably understand, don’t you? Is this a coincidence or a deliberate choice of such a symbol referred to as “the number of the beast” in John’s Apocalypse – 666?

For a sober look at Microsoft’s patent beyond the conspiratorial fog Cointelegraph published an article in March this year setting out the details of the technology and the proposal.

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