Former Bitnovo COO has been appointed director of Binance in Spain

In Spain, Bitnovo’s former COO, Luis Vaello, has been appointed Binance director for that country. The company announced this in a statement.

Vaello has extensive experience in business issues in the blockchain area and in the fintech industry.. Before joining Binance, he was Vice President of the Valencian Association for Bitcoin and Other Blockchain Technologies (Avalbit). In his most recent experience, he worked as a COO in Bitnovo, taking care of the company’s operations, the KYC and AML processes required for its operation, and the establishment of regulated companies in new jurisdictions such as Bitsa.

“I am honored to join a team that shares the same philosophy and the opportunity to be part of this journey with Binance,” said Luis Vaello.

Former Bitnovo COO has been appointed director of Binance in Spain
Former Bitnovo COO has been appointed director of Binance in Spain

“Binance has demonstrated its ability to bring state-of-the-art products and services to market very quickly, which enables further growth in these regions,” he added later.

In November 2019, Cointelegraph en Español Vaello interviewed. On this occasion, he shared his vision of cryptocurrencies in Spain. In this context, he said:

“The cryptocurrency boom continues in Spain. It is one of the countries in the world where people have easier access. People can buy cryptocurrencies from a kiosk in a large area without having to register, go through long KYC processes, or wait for a transfer to the exchange. At present, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and the most important cryptocurrencies by market capitalization are still the most commonly used cryptocurrencies. What is missing is the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. It is a pity that initiatives are missing so that companies can easily levy fees. There are solutions at the moment, but if we want the vast majority of merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments, we need to develop solutions that are not for geeks, like some solutions that are on the market. I am sure that this will change soon and solutions will appear on the market. “

On the other hand, he commented on the Spanish context:

“I see the crypto scenario in Spain as hopeful. I think there are very good companies in the industry that are trying to make this whole dream of bringing cryptocurrencies closer to the masses a reality. We have come a long way without regulation, and now it is necessary to further advance the ecosystem. ”

When specifically asked about the potential of Bitcoin, he replied:

“Although it sounds like a dreamer, I see the potential to change the world. What is more does it. Bitcoin is not just the Bitcoin token. Bitcoin is an ideal to know what can be fought against the established powers to create a fairer world. Although it seems silly to some, these posters that we see in the global revolts of “buy Bitcoin” symbolize much more than the mere fact of buying a currency. A lot of people can survive in the world thanks to Bitcoin, and I think we’ll find out in the long run in countries that have no problems. In Spain, many people see it as a financial product of speculation and do not see all the potentials and values ​​that they represent (so far from the speculative vision). “

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