ForeverFOMO is up 892% in the last 24 hours while KPOP Fan Token is down 98.91%

The cryptocurrency market continues to offer great opportunities for investors, especially in its early stages. Despite the FUD that currently exists around the ecosystem and Bitcoin, based on what the Chinese authorities say.

As mentioned earlier, despite this current negative outlook for cryptocurrencies, those who know the ecosystem are aware that there are projects that manage to seize some opportunities while on the other hand; other projects end up underperforming in their home currency for reasons ranging from lack of development to investor speculation.

In this way, in the crypto ecosystem, as in other traditional markets, we can see the daily performance of projects that range from new all-time highs (ATHs) to steep drops that can wipe out profits in a single day, especially for these newer ones Dealers.

ForeverFOMO is up 892% in the last 24 hours while KPOP Fan Token is down 98.91%
ForeverFOMO is up 892% in the last 24 hours while KPOP Fan Token is down 98.91%

In this context, CoinMarketCap, the leading price benchmark in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, allows us an in-depth look at the top winners and top losers of the day in order to have a closer look at some projects that the ordinary investor cannot see and who they are not exactly among the top 100 in the market.

However, these projects can present unique capitalization opportunities for the big losers of the day and, on the other hand, great investment risk.


This token has an exceptional performance of the + 892% in the last 24 hours, by citing an average price of $ 0.007492 that has enabled it to position itself as the big winner of the day according to Coinmarketcap’s ranking.

This token issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) managed to achieve a meteoric rise from $ 0.00072 to the current trading price in less than 24 hours, reminding us of the high volatility that can exist in the cryptocurrency market.

Coinmarketcap places it in the global cryptocurrency ranking at position # 2794 with a market volume of nearly five million dollars, a + 56.01% in the past 24 hours.

According to your website, ForeverFOMO is a price-elastic token with an offer adjustment that moves towards the price of Bitcoin. In contrast to a normal peg / stablecoin token, the bases convert price-elastic tokens into synthetic products. Ethics with fluctuating values ​​and offers that gradually stabilize. Ultimately, you want the bases to be negotiable and potentially extremely profitable.

Every hour there is an offer change called â ????Overshoot– automatically activated by smart contracts through an online control panel, this override allows the price of the token to automatically increase by 10% every hour.

The token is currently available at PancakeSwap, Binance Smart Chain’s leading decentralized exchange. Nevertheless, What is striking is that your website lacks solid information about the team behind the project, a technical document, and a solid roadmap.

These properties should be viewed as warnings for any investment in crypto projects that can often end badly for investors.

KPOP fan token

This token is now at the top of the cryptocurrencies with the biggest drop in value of the day, with a significant drop in -98.24% at the time of this writing.

With a value of USD 0.00014, the token issued on Binance Smart Chain has managed to increase its volume to USD 113,812 in the last 24 hours (+ 755.11%).TO

Coinmarketcap places this token in box number 3653, which is one of the many FAN tokens available in the market that is trying to grab the attention of NFT lovers.

According to his official website, this native Korean offers exclusive access to special promotions, VIP events, licensed digital photos and moments of your favorite idols. The platform provides a firm offer of one billion KPOP tokens, with benefits from Passive Yield Agriculture (PYF).

In contrast to ForeverFOMO, This platform presents an explicit roadmap with a clear technical document on the visions and goals pursued by those responsible for the project. However, there is no indication of who or who is responsible for the project.

The token was launched in a private sale on May 15, but given the lack of transparency from the team behind the project, the token has not received a good response from the crypto community.

The opinions expressed in this post are the sole responsibility of author and they have nothing to do with Cointelegraph’s editorial line. Every investment involves risk and you should do your research before investing. This contribution cannot be understood as financial advice.

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