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For the kingdom! 10 Game of Thrones characters sorted by life insurance risk

May 18, 2020

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For the kingdom! 10 Game of Thrones characters sorted by life insurance risk
For the kingdom! 10 Game of Thrones characters sorted by life insurance risk

It doesn’t matter that we are going to enter summer across the northern hemisphere … Winter is coming.

If you are a fan of game of Thrones and you live (at least in your imagination) on the Westeros continent, you know what this sentence implies the mega hit of HBO. “Winter is Coming” warns of the White Walkers’ terrible progress, which, as we have seen, will be fatal (at least in the books).

So we’re waiting for the next part of the saga of Song of ice and fire by George R.R. Martin, I gave myself the freedom to assess the risk that the fans’ favorite characters to the Your life insurance while continuing against Winterfell, the Black Castle, King’s Landing or any of the Seven kingdoms Where do you live.

We all know that the game of thrones has to kill or die when it moves, and that our attachment to certain characters has been quite problematic throughout the series and more in these final episodes (I can’t overcome the death of) Ned strong in the first season).

So it would be best if they took care of themselves: whether their death is imminent after a failed wedding or whether a dragon is breathing nearby, these characters would do well to have life insurance to support them, and This made it very clear to us afterwards that the Starks left their children to themselves and fought alone to defend Winterfell.

Although the world of George R.R. Martin It’s just a fiction. Let’s see what would happen if some of the most popular Game of Thrones characters wanted life insurance, and what type of policy they would need considering how many unexpected deaths we’ve seen so far.

I use the HBO series anniversary and offer a list of characters HAVE, from highest to lowest depending on the risk of death …

(Note: All costs and assumptions are based on the knowledge of the seven kingdoms.

1. Cersei Lannister

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 43 years
  • Occupation: Queen and protector of the kingdom
  • Beneficiaries: her fourth unborn child (maybe) about Jaime

Most of her beneficiaries have suffered violent deaths, but now everything seems to indicate that she is pregnant again, so her life insurance needs are high. A Lannister always pays his debts, and life insurance provides financial protection to help Cersei’s unborn child pay the Kingdom’s debts (provided the Queen lives long enough to be born).

Obviously, this policy will be quite expensive considering that there is a prophecy that Cersei will eventually be killed (and on Arya’s list, which is 64 out of 64). You would have to opt for a term policy, which would mean that you would have to pay a fixed amount for a certain period of time. If something happened to him during this time, his son would have the money to succeed.

Learn: If you have debts, children, a wife or people you love and who should have financial problems after your death, you need life insurance.

2. Jaime Lannister, better known as “El Matarreyes”

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 43 years
  • Occupation: Commander in Chief of the Royal Guard
  • Beneficiaries: Cersei’s fourth unborn child

Before he lost his hand, Jaime seemed indestructible. Now that he’s helpless, has a martyr mentality and has a son on the way (in theory), he should definitely take out life insurance. We are talking about an expensive policy that takes into account your balance in combat and the fact that you are now at higher risk than before you lost your hand.

Learn: Life insurance is not just for the family provider, both parents provide support and livelihood, and life insurance guarantees the financial protection of those you love.

3. Jon Snow

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 22 years
  • Profession: King of the North
  • Beneficiaries: Sansa, Bran and Arya

Jon Snow He knows nothing and will adapt to a dangerous situation without turning it over. Since he has the obvious ability to resuscitate, Jon would benefit from a return policy, which is a life insurance policy that will return the insured premium if the person survives the policy.

Learn: If you die during the period of your policy, your beneficiaries receive the money. If you survive, it will expire or you can pay a little more to make sure your payments are refunded to you.

4. Tyrion Lannister

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 39 years
  • Occupation: Helper of the dragon queen
  • Beneficiaries: none

His life insurance would not be acceptable: Tyrion is the character who most likely will not pass the blood test, and if it does not refuse it, there is no question that he will not pass the toxicological tests. Thanks to your life choices, the risk is too high to insure (and an example of why it is a good idea to take out life insurance when we are young and healthy). But why would Tyrion want life insurance if he doesn’t have anyone to give it to?

Learn: If you do not have healthy habits, the likelihood that you will be accepted for life insurance decreases. If this is the case, your policy is costly. It is important to take this into account while you are healthy in order to save money and avoid rejection.

5. Arya Stark

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 18 years old
  • Occupation: Murderer
  • Beneficiaries: Sansa, Bran and Jon Snow

This girl has no name, but she is one of the deadliest characters in the series. Arya has a high chance of finding himself (or being alone) in a risky situation (or situations). It is also the one most likely to commit fraud and that they cannot even find his body, which would be a complete relaxation for the beneficiaries. However, there is no way to know all of this. Given that she is young and healthy, she could take out very good life insurance.

Learn: What you pay for your life insurance largely depends on your age, your state of health and the money you want your beneficiaries to receive. If you are young and healthy, it is the best time to ensure the protection of your family at a low cost.

6. Daenerys Targaryen

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 22 years old
  • occupation: Queen Daenerys I Targaryen, Daenerys of the Storm, The Non-Burning, Chain Breaker, Mother of Dragons
  • Beneficiaries: his two dragons

He walks through the fire and uses his kites as his primary mode of transportation, so his policy would include many special clauses, such as that it would not apply if he died in a hang-gliding accident (although it certainly won’t).

If we consider the Daenerys Empire a business, it would be the best candidate for life insurance that covers financial losses for a company if its leader dies. This helps ensure business continuity for everyone who is interested.

Learn: Jobs where you are at higher risk of death affect the disposition and costs of your life insurance.

7. Brienne from Tarth

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 39 years
  • Occupation: Tarth House tunic
  • Beneficiaries: Arya and Sansa (because she had promised Catelyn to protect her)

Brienne is one of the most popular characters, so it will surely be one of those that don’t survive. But she has proven several times that she is one of the strongest warriors in Westeros and has a lower risk of death compared to other warriors. However, there are usually many risks, so your policy would not be cheap.

Learn: There are no restrictions or laws that dictate who your beneficiaries can be.

8. Sansa Stark

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 20 years
  • Occupation: Lady of Winterfell
  • Beneficiaries: Arya, Bran and Jon Snow

Sansa has become an important force in the north. Both fans and other characters in the series underestimated them from the start (maybe Ramsay Bolton He did it before his dogs ate it too), so we’re not betting against him. She is young, takes care of herself and has no desire to face her enemies in battle. So she could pursue an inexpensive policy if she needs to leave something for her sister.

Learn: People who choose to take out life insurance while they are young and healthy pay less for their policies.

9. Samwell Tarly

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: 25 years
  • Occupation: Night Watch Butler, Apprentice to the Master
  • Beneficiaries: Gilly and little Sam

Sam now has a family to worry about. Since he has always stayed away from risk and spent most of his time in the libraries, he could be a good candidate for cheap life insurance, especially for people like Sam who have a family that depends on him. and that you want to leave a financial safety net in case something happens to you.

Learn: Life insurance is an investment. The nature of these guidelines means that they are good for something: they provide a financial benefit to those you love if you die.

10. The Night King

Image: HBO

  • Estimated age: Nobody knows! Although it is said that he was over 8,000 years old and was one of the first men
  • occupation: Leader of the White Walkers
  • Beneficiaries: none

Learn: Do not take out life insurance if you do not need it, because since he is already dead no one was affected by his decision.