For example, some companies have used WhatsApp Business to deal with COVID-19

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  • You need to be on the cutting edge to get your business going.
  • Stay connected with your allies and seek new ones through technology.
  • Create graphic material as a sticker to generate engagement.

2020 was full of challenging situations that surprised us and for which we were not prepared. After the arrival of COVID-19 in Mexico and according to the Latin American Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Alampyme)More than 100,000 companies could permanently cease operations due to the decline in sales and the closure of companies due to health protection measures.

For example, some companies have used WhatsApp Business to deal with COVID-19
For example, some companies have used WhatsApp Business to deal with COVID-19

Last year, WhatsApp and Startup México announced an alliance committed to supporting members of the business community with training WhatsApp business, a tool that will help you better connect with your customers and develop your business. To date, more than two thousand entrepreneurs and small business owners have attended these meetings.

To meet these new challenges arising from the current situation, many entrepreneurs have relied on WhatsApp for business features and come up with creative and accessible strategies to grab their customers’ attention and thus keep their sales going. Some members of the Startup México community share their experiences and recommendations to face this time.

The importance of being updated to boost your business

Photo: Courtesy of Sofía Web.

In order for a company to stay up to date, it is important to keep abreast of the latest trends and new technological tools that can make some daily activities like customer service easier and more effective.

“One tactic we have followed is to train ourselves. Today, more than ever, knowing about issues related to our project, such as digital marketing or E-commerce. We hear Webinars, Lectures, congresses, forums, business programs, we look for information on trends, everything to get a clearer idea of ​​where we are going and, by the way, to help gain inspiration and develop new ideas or products, “mentions the team of Tashi pottery.

Tashi Cerámica, a group of entrepreneurs eager to show the world great Mexican talent, has managed to stay active this season using some WhatsApp Business features. Through the application, Tashi has been able to contact suppliers from China and the US to open its business to domestic shipments and even to different countries like Canada, Chile, Australia and Colombia and do its work all over the world. This openness has also enabled them to understand the changing patterns of consumption inside and outside Mexico.

Campaigns and personalized graphic content for MSMEs

Photo: Zoa-Arts | Getty Images via Engadget

According to the Mexican Association of Social Media ProfessionalsA good implementation of digital campaigns can lead brands to the engagement with their potential customers up to 60%, as Mexicans spend more than half of their day interacting with businesses and services, both on websites and on social networks.

According to Teokentli, an accessory store like bows, ties, and suspenders, one way to improve digital channels to create stronger bond and trust with customers is to generate graphic content with the core of the business. This helps in developing a conversation more dynamic and underscores the company’s commitment to its customers.

For example, since they use the app to keep in touch with most of their customers, Teokentli created their own sticker using his brand identity and even created the phrase “me teokentliza” (inspired by Facebook’s “I care” response), which is reflected in a sticker They split when they close a sale or to see that their questions matter to the company.

Setting up various campaigns and activities is a plus to achieve better customer loyalty. “We use WhatsApp Business as the main information channel. The most recent campaign was a dynamic for our followers to create an arch design through social networks. We resolved all doubts by applying, it was a great success, ”says Teokentli.

These companies communicate with more than 98% of their customers via WhatsApp Business. Thanks to these creative implementations, their sales have increased by around 30%. For some of its customers, 100% of the operations are done through WhatsApp, with no call or email required.

The examples of these companies show that in difficult times it is important for companies and entrepreneurs to use technological tools specially developed for MSMEs, especially to experiment with new communication methods with their customers, partners and the community.

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