Foolish Mexico and Sinaloa are offering free pesos worth of training

Unreasonable Mexico and the Sinaloa government, through their Ministry of Commerce, have decided to create the Sinaloa Unreasonable Challenge, which will run from March 17th to May 17th to find the 10 most innovative companies in the state that solve some social or environmental problem.

The first phase of the challenge will select the top 10 entrepreneurs so that they will later receive the training they need to take their ventures to the next level.

Foolish Mexico and Sinaloa are offering free pesos worth of training
Foolish Mexico and Sinaloa are offering free pesos worth of training

“We want to find the 10 companies with the greatest potential to solve the state’s most pressing social and environmental problems so that they can be trained in leadership skills, communication and strengthening their business model, among other things. We also want them to connect with the rest of the entrepreneurs and create a community in support of life, ”said Sabina Malacón, Director of Initiatives at Unreasonable Mexico.

To be part of the Sinaloa Challenge, it is necessary to reside in the company, to be of legal age, to have a company that wants to solve a social or environmental problem or is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals To have a prototype or to validate the product or service in the market. The challenge, although worth an approximate value of 50,000 pesos, will be 100% virtual and free for entrepreneurs.

Develop your skills as a director of a company in the New Economy and design the best practices for your work team. Put together the ideal architecture for your company and create a results-oriented company with the Sinaloa Unreasonable Challenge, which will announce the winners on June 2nd, who can complete training in inappropriate style from June 21st to July 2nd.

To complement the synergy between the company and Unreasonable Mexico, the “Let’s Talk” program was launched, which increases the management, leadership, finance and sales capacities of entrepreneurs, business people, teachers and university students from Sinaloa through open sessions 100% should be strengthened digitally and free from experts on topics such as marketing, finance, leadership, impact, trends, etc.

The sessions take place every week, every Tuesday, at 4 p.m. Sinaloa time from April to June 22nd.

You can find more information about the Sinaloa Challenge on the following page: WWW.SINALOAIRRAZONABLE.COM

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