What is it exactly?

“A distributed zerotrustsystem built on computationally expensive cryptographic mining of hash functions that are currently using enough electricity to power Denmark.

The fee-freetransactions actually cost more than anything your bank can do because the distributed architecture of the network is orders of magnitude slower than the centralised ones we have today.

Oh, and there’s no insurance, minimal protection against fraud, the exchanges constantly get hacked, and you better not forget your 24 word mnemonic recovery seed. Or confuse your public key with your private key, which should never be made public, ever.


Don’t bother trying to phone anyone. There aren’t any numbers. And all the guidance online has been written by 19 year old autists, who can’t simply say what they mean in plain English.

Also you can’t actually buy anything because Laszlo bought two pizzas in 2010 that effectively cost him $7,000,000.

You don’t want you kids to ask you why you ate a Margarita that one time do you?


Your natural FOMO, means you’ll want to go full Tulip, buy at ATH and Fall into the Trough of Despair, after HODLing, but only for weeks.

Never-mind. Just dollar-cost-average and avoid XRP at all costs.

There’s always Ether’s internet to BTCs email, so long as you mind the DAPP, avoid the DAO, and TREZOR over to MEW, using EAL and TEBE. But never on the dot io one, which is a scam.

Remember, BTH is trash, your ETH need gas. And nobody knows what the fuck is going on. Except 72 year old John McAfee, who lived with seven women in Belize, and who once said of himself:

My attire would rank me among the worst-dressed Tijuana panhandlers. My hygiene is no better. Yesterday, for the first time, I urinated in public, in broad daylight.

It might be a pump-and-dump. But I’m convinced that jubjub, sapling and disinterested byzantine processing are all that matter, so long as you re-balance sporadically with Golem, Universa and Neo.

I’m in too deep, but hedged with Tethertoken and the rising IoT, because DAG is definitely 100% going to solve Segwit scalability issues.”

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