Follow this 10-minute exercise, perfect for the busy entrepreneur

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As We have to bring many things under one roof. It’s difficult to balance the time between job, personal life, family life and the rest of aspects of our life. New dreams, goals and hopes are always present in our head and we are always trying to grow ourselves and our business.

Follow this 10-minute exercise, perfect for the busy entrepreneur
Follow this 10-minute exercise, perfect for the busy entrepreneur

Most of us begin with good intentions to achieve this balance. But life goes by and we inevitably have to put something aside. And usually the first thing we put off is Health and exercise.

Did you catch yourself deviating from your wellness plan? Or maybe you didn’t even realize that you need to make some changes and have some motivation.

We were children who questioned our purpose in life. We filled our minds and time with diets and exercises, thinking that if we did we would solve our problems, or at least find some answers. However, as our bodies became thinner, so too did our minds, spirits, and business goals. We have never felt good enough and every aspect of our lives has been affected. We didn’t have the physical or emotional energy to be fully present in our business.

It was only when we began our spiritual journey of self-love that things changed. We found a new way to move our bodies that challenged us not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Our Fit Soul movement is an exercise that combines short and effective exercises with mental work with a lot of mood and gives you endorphins that make you feel good, so that you can create a more positive impulse in your life and with which to surround you.

Why combine mental work with fitness? Because it keeps you active and gives everything a bigger meaning. Just like building a business, you need to commit to long-term exercises. Changing your body doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does you become a millionaire overnight. All of this requires persistence, creativity, mental focus, and a strong mind to keep you going through difficult times.

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have the right mindset in order to be successful in your business. But what about healthy habits? Have you thought about how your mind affects your general well-being, self-confidence, or creativity?

Eating and exercising well is very important in order to have health and vitality, increase your productivity, improve your mood and have more energy. However, this doesn’t appear on the table until you’re working on the most important aspect of your life: your mindset. If your mind doesn’t get on the boat, this journey becomes a lot more complicated.

When exercised properly and with the right intention, you can improve your self-image by creating a healthier version inside out. Exercise helps you improve your quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety.

What do Richard Branson, former President Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle Obama have in common? They value exercise to relieve stress and put their minds on the right path to success. Branson even said he succeeds because he trains.

As humans, we are our worst critics. Exercise can help build better connection between your body and mind to help build your self-esteem. Are you ready to give your mind and body the attention it deserves and see how it improves your business?

Consistent movement and mindfulness in running a successful business doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Here’s a quick and effective way to do it.

Our 10-minute exercise and 5-minute mental work routine:

For the exercise, set your timer for 10 rounds of 2 intervals, one set of 10 seconds (this is your break), and a second interval of 50 seconds (this is the time you do the exercise).

1. Burpee from knee to elbow. To perform the knee to elbow burpee, first stand with your feet together and then jump back into a bridge position. Do a push-up, then move your right knee towards your right elbow. Repeat on the other side, bringing your left knee to your left elbow. Then jump and bring your feet to your hands.

2. Skating with weights. To run weight, first hold a single dumbbell while doing a half squat. Jump to the left landing on your left leg, then bring your right leg behind your left ankle and don’t let it touch the floor. To switch sides, jump to the right and do the same with your right leg.

3. Kick the mule and crouch. To perform a mule kick and crouch, first support yourself on four points with your arms straight and your knees slightly bent. Squeeze your core together and shift your weight into your hands as you raise your feet up in the air as far as possible. Land carefully, then crouch down.

4. Alternate squats and leg raises. To make it a little more difficult, first hold a dumbbell in front of you with your arms outstretched. Then stand in a parallel position with your feet apart at your shoulders. Bend your knees and lower your hips so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and keep your weight on your heels. Then, stand up and straighten your legs and raise your left leg while contracting your left gluteus muscle. Then, bring your leg back to the starting position, repeat the squat, and as you stand up, straighten your right leg to contract your right gluteus muscle.

5. Plank with legs crossed. To create a cross-legged plank, start with a plank position with your body well extended, the balls of your feet on the floor, forearms on the floor, and your head facing the floor. Then slide your right leg under your body onto your left side. Return to the plank position and do the same with your left leg to the right.

Mind work: You can mix up the mental work depending on what you’re trying to achieve, but here’s an idea: one minute of deep breathing to calm your mind, followed by 2 minutes of appreciation, and then two minutes of visualization.

To run a successful business, you need to be fully present every day. Hence, it is important to create a routine that takes care of your mind, body and soul every day.

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