Follow these infallible techniques to organize your home

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Follow these infallible techniques to organize your home
Follow these infallible techniques to organize your home

By staying home, not only can you stop the spread of COVID-19, but you can also take the opportunity to make changes. For example, say goodbye to bad habits and adopt good ones.

If you’re having issues with order and cleanliness, it’s time to work on improving these aspects. That is why we at offer you some techniques to keep your home in quarantine.

It starts with clothes


Chances are, after having given birth, you noticed that you really need small things to live.

For this reason, we recommend that you check your closet and use the technique of organization expert Marie Kondo. Who is also the star of a hit Netflix series and author of books like The magic of order and Happiness after ordering.

What is it made of? You need to do the following:

  • Take out all the clothes and shoes that you have

  • Place them on the bed or a surface

  • Choose the things that you really use or that represent the happiness in your life

This way, you will find that there are items that you no longer have or that you do not like. If so, wash them and give them away or donate.

important documents


We are all afraid of opening this drawer where we have bills, receipts and documents. We save them and when we least notice it, we already have a pile of papers.

To solve this problem, first separate them by category. Put those in one place that are related to your academic life. Then the services that you have already paid for or are pending. It also houses those of the health and those of your home or car.

How will it help you Not only do they make your life easier, but they also have them on hand if you plan to sell or buy your home after the quarantine. You need to be aware that certain documents are requested and this will help you speed up the paperwork.

When you order you can make it fun and keep them in different colored folders. However, if your style is sober and minimalist, buy acrylic organizers and put them there.

Leonardo González, Real Estate Analyst at, recommends having health records on hand during a health emergency. There are also emergency numbers and a list of hospitals or health services in your area.



You can also use the Marie Kondo method to organize your kitchen. That way, you can find out what you are really using and what you are no longer using.

Take out all plates, glasses, pans, containers, cutlery and pots. Then wash them, dry them, and take the opportunity to find the lid on each one. In addition, drawers, cupboards or shelves are cleaned thoroughly.

When rearranging, arrange items of similar size in the same place and put them in small boxes. So when you need anything, just take this box out and avoid disorganizing the entire drawer.

When it is your turn to set up the refrigerator, first get everything out and clean. Then group at the table by types of food.

When inserting, start from the bottom up. Put fruits and vegetables in the drawers below. In the next step the meat and the fish.

The middle shelves are for products that you will soon be consuming. The highest part is for jars that you’ve already opened or for food that doesn’t need such low temperatures.

Garage or utility room

Photo: Maxim Selyuk via Unsplash

Usually you have things in this room that you don’t even remember. Hence, it is best to take everything out and select the things to keep, give away, or throw away. The goal is that you keep the essentials.

Add wooden or metal shelves and swap out the headlights for lighter ones. This is a quick way to tell what you have got. Also classify your things by subject. For example, put the Christmas decorations on one side. In another case, the beach stuff and then the things you use on roast beef days.

To make this space easy to clean, place furniture or appliances on roll bases. So you can move them as often as you want.

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