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Follow the CDMX at an orange traffic light with an alarm. When will the gyms reopen and how will other companies’ opening times change?

September 7, 2020

They are extending the opening hours of restaurants, shopping centers and businesses in the historic center. In addition, they provide the basic rules for running businesses.

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Follow the CDMX at an orange traffic light with an alarm. When will the gyms reopen and how will other companies’ opening times change?Follow the CDMX at an orange traffic light with an alarm. When will the gyms reopen and how will other companies’ opening times change?

Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo announced that Mexico City would stay at the orange epidemiological light from September 7th to 13th, so that health protection measures and the healthy distance between citizens, as well as permissible economic activities, continue to prevent an increase in infections and Avoid hospital stays with coronavirus (Covid-19).

“It is very important for all of us that we do not lower our vigilance, the COVID continues or the COVID disease continues among us, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is still among us and the possibility of infection still exists and for that we have to insist, take care of ourselves, we cannot lower our guard, ”he said.

Head of Government of CDMX

Reopening of business

One of the most troubling problems is the reopening of gyms. The capital president stated that they still cannot return to operations. “This week we are meeting with gyms, next week gyms and some other areas of various activities that are not open yet to see the conditions under which they might open that we will announce by next week he said.

Regarding the adjustments to small business activities, the Head of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation, José Antonio Peña Merino, pointed out that in the case of Go to restaurants to extend the operating hours until 11 you know, it is currently 10 o’clock in the morning.

In case of building This was one of the first activities to resume from early July Another working day is extended The working day is now Monday to Saturday.

in the small businesses, department stores and shopping malls The schedule has been extended by an hour and a half, and today it closes at five in the afternoon. it extends until half past six at night.

And in terms of that Historical center The hours are also extended until half past six in the afternoon.

Peña Merino also pointed out that the opening program will end on one day and on another even and odd day. “More details will be announced and traffic on public roads will be reorganized. In their area, these four sectors, right there in the case of the center, are that geographical area of ​​the city with an increase in working hours and not a capacity increase, which is known to be 30%. “

The activities of the exhibition and congress center will continue

In the same way, activities of another sector are started, in this case exhibitions and convention centers. Personal conventions are not yet allowed, but they are restarted for commercial exhibitions, which are an important part of their business model.

The basic rules

Peña Merino explained that there are 10 basic rules to follow for exhibitions, similar to those in museums and shopping centers.

  1. The compulsory use of face masks during the entire tour of the fair for the participants, for employees who interact with customers, also the use of a mask.
  2. If there is no natural ventilation, natural ventilation is of course recommended. However, if this is not possible with artificial ventilation, at least 40% must come from outside.
  3. The provision of tastings and direct handling of materials for the customer is prohibited. The maximum capacity as in the other sectors is 30%.
  4. A way to move inward, with just one entrance and one exit, and no printed propaganda or flyers.

10 rules for all companies

Regardless of the industry, the following rules should be followed for everyone:

  1. Strict use of face masks inside and of course no entry by people without face masks. Employees must use protective equipment. Mask and mask.
  2. Keep the Sana one and a half meters away and wash your hands frequently or apply antibacterial gel containing at least 70% alcohol.
  3. At the slightest respiratory symptom, send an SMS with the word covid19 to 51515 or dial LOCATEL to the telephone number 51565811 that we all know. By the way, yesterday was LOCATEL’s 41st birthday.
  4. Early care, i.e. if you have comorbidity or are over 60 and have symptoms that you suspect may be related to COVID, as you know, contact the triages of hospitals in SEDESA in the CDMX immediately App and Availability in hospitals can be checked on the website.
  5. There must be hygienic filters that prevent people with a temperature of more than 37.5 ° C from entering.
  6. Always maintain a minimum distance of one and a half meters between employees and customers
  7. Antibacterial gel dispensers so people can disinfect their hands, natural ventilation or, if it is artificial ventilation, at least 30%, some facilities require it to come from outside.
  8. The compulsory registration of reactivation for sectors that resume their activities has been carried out at since the beginning of June.
  9. If there are more than 100 workers, and they have done so in the past three or four weeks, they must use the equivalent of 3% of their workforce and can group tests with up to 15 samples. This is done every two weeks.It is also mandatory to inform LOCATEL, which is also the case with positive cases in the work area. Positive cases, or pending result, must be protected if the result is positive and protected for the 15 days we know the disease is still contagious.
  10. Nobody can be fired because of their COVID-19 status. For this reason, the discrimination crime in digital reporting has been activated for people who have been fired for their COVID status because they can file a report.

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