FLORIO: Bringing Transparency and Value in a Multi-billion Dollar Industry

We are incredibly thrilled to let you know about the great opportunities that are coming your way. Florio is a health platform that is built on the principle of motivation and fun. It makes it possible to challenge family, friends, a colleague or anybody by the use of the monetary award.
If you desired to look fit and smart by losing some excess weight while having fun, then you have to choose to make it an individual goal or share it. With Florio, you can challenge a friend or group of friends, you all determine the same purpose, duration and how much money is at stake. This platform is easy to use, in the challenge, the app advises how to achieve the goal as well as stay motivated. At the end of the challenge, the winner takes the money. Meaning you earn $$$ by working out (The Florio cryptocurrency is used as a reward for the challenges.)
In summary, Florio is basically for challenging one another as well as providing upright and unbiased support in order to make healthy living fun and easy for everybody.

FLORIO’s ethics

Mckinsey carried out a study and the reportsshow that the majority of the world’s adult population will be suffering from obesity or overweight in the year 2020. As at today, the report affirms that nearly 30% of the world global population is suffering from obesity. Lack of fitness or physical inactivity has resulted in over 5.3 million deaths a year worldwide according to report from the WHO. This number will continue growing if information will be biased by involvement and sponsoring of research by big corporations. All health data that is in the blockchain cannot be changed, faked, rewritten of manipulated. It provides full transparency and builds trust. The most important is that all the personal health data will always be owned by the persons who use the product instead of the big corporations. FLORIO aims to make healthy living accessible and honest for the people that need it most.

FLORIO’s valuation

As we all know, if you value an new token you face many challenges. It’s part currency, part commodity and part technology. There is no price history or cash flow to predict earnings in the future. Therefore we rely on valuation on a more holistic / macro level. In order to do this price appreciation is one of the most important indicators of success. This components is driven by adoption rate of the token in relation to the size of the market. The primary targetmarket of FLORIO is half of the world’s population. That accounts for almost 4 billion people. These people will adopt the token at a quick rate because of the collaboration with sports influencers. At this moment we are able to reach out to 50 million people globally through this channel alone. The backbone of the product is a community through which these kind of network effects can be an intrinsic part of the product. You can imagine that this would be a very efficient adoption accelerator.

FLORIO’s risk assessment

As an investor we try to maximize profits and minimize risk. In order to meet the first criterium FLORIO has made a bonus system. The bonus system is structured as follows:
1st week – 30% bonus token
2nd week – 20% bonus tokens
3rd week – 10% bonus tokens
4th week – 0% bonus tokens
Due to the fixed cap you will benefit either way. Either you get your money back or you invest in a FLORIO has a fixed cap in order to stimulate price appreciation. The more coins are circulating, the less unique your tokens become for the trading afterwards. We are confident that the cap will be made because we raised half of the cap pre ICO. Even if the minimum cap is not made we have a money back guarantee. This will minimize risk.
The ICO is coming, leave your details to see more opportunity.
This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

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