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FLETA will be a start-up center for the crypto finance platform Latam Cash

May 29, 2020

South Korea’s blockchain platform, FLETA announced a strategic alliance with Latam Cash, a blockchain-based project for financial inclusion in the Latin American market.

According to the official note on his blog, The agreement includes support for the FHL Games proposal through marketing, industry entry, and blockchain technology development.This makes FLETA a start-up center for Latam Cash, as the official statement shows.

The association is signed in the middle of the globalization of FLETA. An aggressive alliance strategy with important blockchains in the ecosystem such as Wanchain, Matic Network and NEO. In addition, the strategic company would be the third of its kind in Latin America after the alliance with the Colmena project in Argentina in the first quarter of 2020 and recently with FHL Games on May 20.

FLETA will be a start-up center for the crypto finance platform Latam CashFLETA will be a start-up center for the crypto finance platform Latam Cash

FHL Games is the main operator of the proposed Latam Cash, a financial platform with integrated crypto that is intended to cover an enthusiastic market without banks. Cryptocurrencies were seen as an opportunity for financial inclusion.

Latam Cash offers its users a kind of crypto bank for deposits, withdrawals and loansAt the same time, according to its official website, the company plans to provide a simple payment platform via mobile devices, including sending transfers, offline payments and crypto mutual funds.

Run by the Latin American gaming content giant FHL Games. Latam Cash proposes the solution of basic digital blockchain content such as games, webtoon, etc.

With the introduction of FLETA, the platform hopes to scale its transactions at the highest level due to the speed and security that the South Korean blockchain platform enables.using proprietary technology based on an improved consensus algorithm called a formulation test (PoF).

With Latam Cash, FLETA plans to get started with crypto financing, At the same time, the payment gateway is used to promote the use of Latam Cash in the region. Low fees and no exchange fees between the different currencies are charged, which Latam Cash supports with its multi-purpose portfolio.

Since Latam Cash enables a quick exchange between chains of different cryptocurrencies, FLETA’s interoperability option seems to fit the requirements very well to meet the forecast usage needs.

Based on this, Latam Cash’s market expansion strategy is to leverage e-commerce, offline franchises, content creators, and local cafes A current market size for gaming in Latin America worth approximately $ 4.2 billion.

The platform enables operation with the virtual currency from (K-Coin) and the storage of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to the native LATAM.

With this new alliance, FLETA hopes to be able to expand its presence in the Latin American market. after joining the leading gaming market platform in the region –– – through his MusicStreet product after his partnership with FHL Games.

As a key partner, Latam Cash has the FHL Games Company based in Seoul, South Korea and LATAM4NINE based in Lima, Peru. In addition to these two countries, they are strongly represented in Brazil, Argentina, the USA and Canada.

For his part Kaybo, which is operated by FHL Games, is one of the leading providers in the gaming industry in Latin America with more than 20 million users. and it has integrated its blockchain solution developed by Coinplug into its platform for the DID blockchain-based mobile payment service ‘Kaybo Keepin’.