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Five reasons to work in the fintech sector

August 28, 2020

Fintech companies are companies that are open to change, flexible, resilient, innovative and connected with the use of technological tools. In this scenario via the Vanguardia portal You highlighted five reasons to work in financial technology. The article was published on August 27th after consultation with Carolina Vargas, HR manager at Fintech Zinobe in Colombia.

A growing industry

According to the publication, fintech has emerged as a complement to large financial firms as they target their services to an audience that has not been served and that has managed to expand rapidly. “Alone in the country There are more than 200 member firms, with individual and SME loans (24%) and digital payments (22%) being the most popular“they pointed out.

“In addition, the success and solidity with which this industry is perceived has made it the focus of foreign investment in Latin America. According to Finnovista 60% of fintech companies across the country have received such funding, and nearly 30% are already operating in other countries. According to the Financial Times ranking of the 500 fastest growing companies in America, fintech Zinobe is the first in Colombia and number 100 in the entire list, “they later added.

Startup mindset

Five reasons to work in the fintech sectorFive reasons to work in the fintech sector

According to the article, Fintech companies are mostly small businesses that started out as startups and scaled quickly. Results-oriented work, flexible schedules and even remote work stand out.

“Its solid technology base creates greater horizontality in decision-making, and even many cases are based more on data than hierarchies,” they noted.

At the forefront of technological issues

At that point, Vanguardia focused on accessing tools and developing products and services with the support of data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Professional development

The article indicated that working in the fintech space can open doors now and in the future. In this sense, they specified: “More and more industries are joining the tech suffix in order to rethink or rethink the dynamics of sectors such as real estate (Proptech), insurance (Insurtech), investments (Wealthtech), learning and education (Eductech) as well as legal aspects, including normative ( regtech, legaltech)“.

A job that makes sense

One of the keys to fintech success in the region is inclusion “Offering financial services to populations neglected by traditional banking has enabled them to grow rapidly and help improve the quality of life for these people“.

Important alliances

At this point it is worth remembering that the President of Colombia, Fintech, Erick Rincón Cárdenas, spoke to Cointelegraph en Español about the sectors that are most interested in working with Fintech:

“With the arrival of Covid 19, many companies in the country found fintech an important ally for doing their business. I think this will take a long time, the response from people and companies has been very positive; The post-pandemic will continue to bring many benefits to the sector. Without a doubt, the population that can best leverage fintech is the sub-bank or sub-bank with no access to traditional financial services. ”

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