Five other indigenous people are murdered in the Colombian department of Cauca


At least five indigenous people have been killed on Tuesday in the municipality of Toribio, in the department of Cauca, in southern Colombia, in an attack attributed to FARC dissidents, as reported by the newspaper 'El Espectador'.

The victims have been identified as Cristina Bautista, authority of the Nasa community, and the indigenous guards José Gerardo Soto, James Wilfredo Soto, Eliodoro Uniscue and Asdruval Cayapu. In addition, five other people have been injured.

Five other indigenous people are murdered in the Colombian department of Cauca
Five other indigenous people are murdered in the Colombian department of Cauca

According to the first information, a group of men who have not been identified have fired at the truck in which the natives were traveling.

The attack has occurred in the town of Tacueyó, a strategic area for drug trafficking and in which FARC dissidents are present.

A source from the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC) has told 'El Espectador' on condition of anonymity that the attackers are members of a FARC dissident group. According to this source, the men would have fled to the Boquerón sector.

The Ombudsman, Carlos Alfonso Negret, has assured that in the area there are FARC dissidents that “do not let any humanitarian mission pass” and has called on these groups to let the authorities go in order to establish what it was that It really happened in Tacueyo.

“In Colombia we have to learn to respect life, if not, it is not possible to build a country,” said Negret. “Gentlemen dissidences of the FARC, the department of Cauca is not yours. Respect the life of the indigenous communities that they want to work their land and do not want to be in the illicit drug trafficking business,” he said.

For his part, Colombian Defense Minister Guillermo Botero has reported that he has instructed that “the Public Force maintain operations in Tacueyó, Cauca, after the Colombian Military Forces reported the murder of five indigenous guards.”

According to Botero, the attack occurred after the guard arrested three subjects, identified as alias 'Barbas', alias 'Chinga' and alias 'Javier'. Later, a group of “criminals” attacked the guard to rescue the detainees.

“The National Army made contact with the indigenous people of the shelter and at this time the troops move to the sector to reinforce security and persecute the criminals, who fled towards the Canyon of the Andes,” Botero said in a statement.

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, has condemned the murder of the indigenous people and has indicated that he has asked the Ministry of the Interior to carry out tomorrow a “Special Human Rights Committee with the government and the indigenous organizations”. “All our commitment to the ancestral communities of the department,” he said through his Twitter account.

Last Monday, the indigenous leader Hugo Rivera Yatacué was also killed in the municipality of Toribio, according to Caracol Radio denounced on Tuesday by Human Rights defender José Antonio Vitonas Yatacué.

Vitonas has told that Rivera Yatacué is the third member of the family who is killed in Toribio, where they have developed their activism against the armed groups operating in the area.

The crime occurred on Monday night and his body was found hours later kneeling in the street, according to the story of Vitonas Yatacué, who lives in exile because of the death threats received.

Colombia suffers a wave of violence since the signing of the peace agreement with the FARC in 2106, mainly due to the struggle between rival groups to seize the business of the former guerrillas, such as drug trafficking, extortion or illegal mining.

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