First webinar on smart cities and blockchain innovations in Granada

Today OnTech Innovation co-organized and participated in the first webinar in Granada on Smart Cities and Blockchain Innovations organized by the pilot project of the International Program for Urban Cooperation of the European Union and Asia. The details of the virtual meeting were published in a press release from Ongranada.

In order to, Granada this week will host an international seminar in which great experts from various European and Asian research centers and clusters will examine the transformative potential of new technologies.

They will also share their knowledge and experience related to blockchain technology and its applications to facilitate the transition to smart and sustainable cities.

Blockchain technology in Granada

First webinar on smart cities and blockchain innovations in Granada
First webinar on smart cities and blockchain innovations in Granada

The aim of this project is also to promote the creation of its own ecosystem in order to develop joint projects on blockchain, in which pilot cities, research centers and innovative clusters in the region are involved. To this end, today, October 29th, a webinar was developed with the main challenges of blockchain technology, in which the participants discussed how they can work together to find common solutions or to carry out joint research projects. The idea of ​​the session is to show the current framework of blockchain technology in Granada.

OnTech Innovation attends this meeting as the representative of the ICT sector in Granada, together with representatives of the Granada City Council, the Spanish Smart City Cluster, the Smart City Labs in Rome and Lazio (Italy) and the Chinese universities in Yantai and Nanjing in the south East.

In the meantime, OnTech Innovation’s Secretary General Vito Episcopo, in his speech, addressed the cluster’s mission, its representativeness in Granada and Andalusia and its commitment to the diffusion and development of blockchain technology and made known various activities of the cluster in these Matter, in particular the creation of the future “Andalucía Blockchain Center”.

Opening of the webinar

At the opening of the meeting, the Mayor of Granada and the Honorary President of OnTech Innovation, Luis Salvador, were responsible for the greeting to those who visit the so-called “Talent Capital” and want to be that of the startups too. A capital dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Southern Europe” that has held a scientific meeting aiming to “forge new alliances between capitals from different regions of the world around this revolution that blockchain technology requires and theirs.” Applications for human development, urban modernization and people’s wellbeing and quality of life ”.

In this context, Luis Salvador congratulated the organization of the event “on the quality of a program that should also serve to provide answers on how this new collaborative ecosystem based on ICT and big data can respond to new social needs and human challenges in cities” .

The city of Granada was selected to participate in the IUC Asia Program last year to develop a new engagement o Long-term agreement between capitals from different regions of the world to promote sustainable urban development by exchanging experiences and solutions to common problems and promoting joint cooperation and research projects.

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