First international blockchain lobster shipment from Australia to China completed

Two Hands, the digital marketplace, completed its first international blockchain-based lobster shipment from Melbourne, Australia to Shanghai, China, powered by GoChain’s GoTrace software. The broadcast went on October 22nd and arrived on Friday. The following day, the lobster was served at a wedding banquet on Saturday evening at the JW Marriott Hotel in Changfeng Park in Shanghai. This was announced by GoChain through a statement.

Two Hands connects fishermen, farmers, restaurants and consumers directly. They disrupt the food supply chain and restore origin, traceability and human connections to the food industry. They are a global company monetizing a blockchain platform.

Now Two Hands has been officially implemented privately on GoChain’s public blockchain platform. In addition, the next generation digital market, the Two Hands Marketplace, was launched.

What is the process about?

First international blockchain lobster shipment from Australia to China completed
First international blockchain lobster shipment from Australia to China completed

But what is the process about? To understand this, it should be recognized that commercial fishing and aquaculture often require complex supply chains as seafood crosses national borders, different continents, trading areas and jurisdictions.

In this context, the complexity of this supply chain makes it difficult to authenticate the true origin of imported seafood. In addition, regional fisheries are plagued by gaps in knowledge about catches, by-catches and environmental impacts. Opaque supply chains also lead to overfishing or illegal fishing, lower incomes and livelihoods for fishermen, and poor quality modified seafood.

Consumers, chefs, producers and regulators have no choice but to blindly trust what producers and supply chain stakeholders believe is true.

Here Two Hands and GoChain merge: Every single lobster bought through the market has a unique smart tag and is tamper-proof. It is used like a passport and is tracked through GoChain’s GoTrace SaaS software.

Now chefs who order via the Two Hands Marketplace can choose from the live inventory by region, harvesting machine or price. At the time of purchase, an itinerary is created for the product and the initial GoTrace registration is created. As the product progresses through the supply chain, its itinerary is validated using the GoTrace app so chefs and consumers can be confident that their food or product is authentic, ethical and more.

Two Hands GoChain work together to make food supply chains more transparent, efficient and safe

Recall that advances in technology have reached a point where we can learn, review, and authenticate most of the claims, especially those related to origin. Not only can consumers now easily determine the origin and authentication of food, but they can also proactively support responsible and committed organizations, suppliers and fisheries committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

Supply chain transparency enables better maritime governance and is one of the most powerful tools these companies can use to address these industry challenges.

This is like Two Hands and GoChain combine their strong roles and innovative technology to ensure transparent and ethical supply chains. Both share the vision to restore the origins and human connections to the food industry.

The two are working together to take Two Hands’ digital market to a new level by leveraging GoChain’s public blockchain and GoTrace platform for end-to-end blockchain traceability. Manage supply chain data, demonstrate product quality, improve product handling efficiency, and promote trust and security in the Two Hands ecosystem.

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