Fintech MOVii appeals to one million users

MOVii is a fintech company that wants to position itself in Colombia as another alternative to traditional banking. In this regard, it has reached almost a million users. This was reported by Pulzo on August 24th.

According to the article published in this medium From MOVii, they opened the doors to people from all parts of the country regardless of their class or income, and have also worked to include foreigners and minors.

“MOVii gave people a lot of ways to make payments, top-ups, money orders and even market shipments in ARA stores through a digital account. Without neglecting the fact that it is also possible to have a Mastercard debit card that works on data phones or in online Shops and opens the doors to digital purchases for those who don’t know how to do them, “they explained in the publication.

Fintech MOVii appeals to one million users
Fintech MOVii appeals to one million users

“”MOVii is an application that can be downloaded for free. Each user can create an account with their mobile phone number and ID. In addition, you have the option to request a physical Mastercard that will work with the balance on the account and allow you to buy online or in person at a store, “they later added.

It should be noted that since MOVii announced that they will have a big celebration by reaching one million users.

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