Fintech Argentina Alprestamo comes to Europe to offer its financial services

Alprestamo, Fintech Argentina, comes to Spain to expand its activities. Alprestamo is a technology company whose main activity is to provide a service that makes it possible to connect people interested in personal loans or credit cards or savings banks that specifically adapt to their profile.

They are a financial products marketplace that connects demand from customers who want a financial product, such as a loan or credit card, with the financial firms that can provide it. After evaluating applicants, Fintech directs the entities looking for that profile and people get a response within 30 or 40 seconds.

Main marketplace in Argentina and the region

It is the main market for financial services in Argentina and the region. It is present in Uruguay, Mexico and Peru and advises and works with the largest fintechs in Latin America.

Fintech Argentina Alprestamo comes to Europe to offer its financial services
Fintech Argentina Alprestamo comes to Europe to offer its financial services

“We are very pleased about our arrival in Spain, it is a very important market and a challenge for us. We trust Alprestamo as an excellent alternative, not only for end customers to get access to financial services, but also for partners who use us trust us to offer them. “said Julián Sanclemente, CEO and founder of Alprestamo.

He added: “We are very excited to be taking another step towards democratizing finance by providing a digital, accessible, transparent and useful tool for everyone involved.”

Personal loan applications will be accessible in European territory and other financial services such as credit card applications are expected to be added this month.

Sanclemente, for his part, specified this In Argentina, more than 1 million people entered the platform to apply for loans in the last month. At least 20,000 of these have been approved.

Loans quick and easy

From Fintech they try to “book” financial products, a marketplace with the entire range of financial products. It can be very inconvenient for a person to go to each bank’s site for a loan, fill out all the papers, and then they get rejected. Instead, they refer that company to a place that can accept your request in less than 1 minute.

For their part, companies benefit from attracting customers who conform to their policies. When a fintech or bank advertises their products on Google or on social networks, they end up rejecting more than 95% of the people who come. On the flip side, by deriving the very profiles they are looking for, Alprestamo have an approval rating of more than 30%.

How do you prepare your scoring?

For each person, the fintech takes different variables (such as payment history) from the BCRA, from other offices (Veraz and / or Nosis) and from their own base, e.g. B. seniority, place of residence, if they are a public employee or private, etc. With all the information they prepare an assessment and refer the person to the financial institution that is striving to achieve this.

In short, for the past three years, the platform has been connecting people in need of a loan with financial firms, lenders and banks who want to grant it, thus offering a wide range of services that adapt to their customers’ needs with just one click.

It pursues a multi-channel strategy with an emphasis on technology and innovation, creating value for its customers by developing a wide range of services according to their profile.

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