During the eighth edition of the Argentina Vision 2020/40 meeting, Tomas Peña, co-founder of The Yield Lab, highlighted the opportunities that lie behind the fintech sector and the insurtech sector in the agricultural sector. This was reported by Agrofy News.

“”Latin America is a very emerging market and, as large food producers, innovation networks are only now arriving. I see it more as an opportunity than a claim“said Peña.

Fintech and insurtech opportunities stand out in the agricultural sectorFintech and insurtech opportunities stand out in the agricultural sector

Then he commented: “Argentina has a great opportunity if we start speaking this new language” (that of fintech for agriculture).

According to the publication, too named Agrofy and the Solapa 4 insurance platform as pioneers, although he acknowledged that there is still a long way to go.

He also said: “Producers have to get involved in startupsYou need to get in and get to know them, get out of what happened and think about what’s going to happen. “

In this context, Peña said that There are already more than 600 startups associated with agriculture in the region.

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