Finland proposes to the EU to ban imports of meat from Brazil due to Amazon fires


The Finnish Minister of Finance, Mika Lintilä, has proposed to the European Union to study the possibility of banning imports of beef from Brazil in response to the fires that affect the Amazon area these days and have devastated thousands of hectares.

In a statement, the head of the Finnish Government has condemned the “mass destruction” of the Amazon rainforest and has urged the community institutions to study “urgently” if it is possible to curb imports of beef from Brazil to the community bloc in response To the fires.

Finland proposes to the EU to ban imports of meat from Brazil due to Amazon fires
Finland proposes to the EU to ban imports of meat from Brazil due to Amazon fires

Finlanda will hold until the end of the year the current presidency of the European Union and diplomatic sources of the Nordic country have not specified, asked by Europa Press, if this suggestion has already been transferred to the European Commission, the institution that has the powers in the commercial area, or other member states.

The one who has contacted Brussels has been the Prime Minister of Finland, Antti Rinne, who has said in a statement that his Government is following the events “carefully” and has shown his confidence that the EU will act today.

“I am really worried about the attitude that Brazil seems to have adopted with respect to its own fires. Brazil should do everything possible to extinguish the fires that are a danger to all civilization,” said the head of the Finnish Executive.

The Community Executive, in any case, has offered its help to Brazil and Bolivia on Friday to support their efforts to fight fires, including the possibility of activating the community satellite image system.

“The Commission is deeply concerned,” community spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said in a press conference before celebrating the intention of French President Emmanuel Macron to include Amazon fires on the agenda of the G7 meeting that takes place this weekend in Biarritz (France).

Asked how the community Executive can pressure Brazilian President Jair Boslonaro to comply with international environmental standards and the Paris Agreement, Andreeva recalled that the trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur countries contains legally binding provisions that oblige , but added that it has not yet been ratified.

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