Find out what the best data hacks in history are

In the past ten years since Bitcoin and Blockchain technology existed The decentralization of data was one of the flags that disruptive technology proposes before the centralization of the new “oil”. that the technology giants dominate.

While the scandals surrounding Facebook and Google, to name just a few, have been alarming about data breaches and excessive use for the benefit of the company, millions of people are demanding greater control over companies’ private information. It is no less true that the “sanctions” are not sufficient to discourage this type of practice, as they are profitable for many companies.

Data is the new digital gold that is expected to grow at a staggering rate, and it’s also an attractive niche for many cybercriminals who are trying to grab it to sell to the highest bidder.

Find out what the best data hacks in history are
Find out what the best data hacks in history are

Robert Stevens decoding He told us about the biggest data breaches that have occurred at least in the past decade and stressed the importance of decentralized technologies such as blockchain offering companies around the world an additional layer of security to address this type of inconvenience avoid.

We have seen in the recent past how hospitals in Spain, the United States and other parts of the world have had to deal with threats in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that endanger not only the data, but thousands of lives of the world.

This has forced many companies and institutions to use blockchain technology to secure their data on the blockchain, thereby reducing the risk of possible breaches by third parties of their companies ‘and end customers’ private information.

That is why it is worth remembering Some of the biggest gaps that technology giant hackers have uncovered in the past decade to become aware of the urgency to securely protect data using the latest decentralized practices currently available through blockchain.

1- Facebook

Of course, we have to start with the social media giant that has long struggled with the U.S. Senate to get rid of the bad reputation generated by the disclosure of up to 600 million passwords in March 2019.

That same year, Mark Zuckerberg’s company opened hundreds of millions of accounts on its popular website in three different cases.

A month after Técnica’s first technical outage, Facebook reported it exposed the information of 540 million users, including account names, identification numbers, and comments.

The last security breach on Facebook in December of this year resulted in a data breach on the website that filtered another 267 million users’ information. The information was published in a hacker forum for ten days.

A total of 1.407 million social network user accounts were exposed by the data breach that was detected prior to the platform security breach at the time.

It is worth noting that this only happened in 2019 and does not include the Cambridge Analytics scandal, which was the main reason why the U.S. Senate polled the company’s founder.

Cambridge Analytics is the story published by The Guardian newspaper in March 2018. Christopher Wylie points out how he built Steve Bannon’s “Psychological Warfare Tool” by collecting Facebook profiles of over 50 million people without the media magnate Steve Bannon, that the company has done something about the complaints since 2015, despite the complaints.

2.- Microsoft

Bill Gates’ company said it had discovered by the end of last year that an internal support database had been “misconfigured” for weeks so that anyone using a web browser could “access personally identifiable information”.

While the corporate giant claimed not to be “maliciously used,” the void allowed everyone to access more than 250 million customer service records.

3.- Yahoo

It is an honor for you to have the biggest data breach in history. More than a billion Yahoo accounts were affected by a data breach discovered in 2016 It dates from 2013 and has since added a total of more than 3,000 million compromised accounts.

In December 2016, the company announced to the public that Yahoo had fallen victim to the two largest known data breaches to date. The stolen data includes encrypted names, email addresses, phone numbers, and passwords.

In the same year, Statista reported that Yahoo’s hacks at that time – and so far – were the largest in modern history, with more than 1.5 billion accounts compromised in 2016 alone.

The strange thing about the note is that The data stolen by the hackers is only discovered years after the company was sold to Verizon in June 2017.

4.- Marriott Hotels

In 2018, news was released that the prestigious Marriott hotel chain’s computer systems had been breached by Chinese government hackers.

The data released by the Asian government’s wing of spies is estimated to have 500 million guests. This includes private information such as credit cards, addresses, passport numbers, emails, addresses, phone numbers and birth dates of guests who made reservations from 2014 to the end of 2018.

The event of the hotel chain is reminiscent of an event that Cointelegraph previously held about the data exposure of more than 142 million guests in the luxurious MGM Resort, which dates from 2019.

5.- Telegram

In June last year, the release of millions of user data from the popular social network Telegram was announced on a dark network portal owned by Russia.

The database, weighing approximately 900 megabytes, contained telephone numbers and unique identifications for telegram users. The database was compiled using the registry import feature in Telegram, the company said.

While the company found that the database was out of date, At least 40 percent of the entries in the database would be relevant70 percent of the leaked accounts come from Iran.

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