Find out the most important information this week

Sin Apron is leaving Mexico for the same reason Postmates left in 2019. In the meantime, Disney Plus is offering a special launch price and more at Emprendenews.

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Find out the most important information this week
Find out the most important information this week

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We are still waiting for the final result of the American elections. However, this week we bring you the most relevant information from the corporate ecosystem. Here we leave you Emprendenews the summary of the news you should know.

Would you like to read the notes in detail? Here we leave you the links so that you can click on them and know what is going on in the national and international corporate ecosystem.

Image: Apple

Apple will be holding another great event, the third in 2020. So far we don’t know what it’s about as the new model of smartphone, the iPhone 12, has already been launched. However, it is speculated that on this occasion computers will be discussed Mac.


A promotion was launched on the Disney Plus page from November 3rd to 16th, 2020 with a price of 1,359 Pesos per year. However, the monthly price has not yet been published.

Image: WhatsApp via PC Mag

The chat service copied from Facebook (other) Snapchat function and launching self-destructive posts that disappear after seven days.

Tesla was a month before bankruptcy during Model 3 production, Elon Musk Tweets

Image: Bloomberg | Getty Images

In a series of tweets, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla was “about a month” from bankruptcy between mid-2017 and 2019, as it was producing the Model 3.

Sin Apron will cease operations in Mexico in December

Image: Without apron

The Spanish grocery company Sin Apron announced on its social networks that it would cease operations in Mexico on December 4th.

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