Finally revealed! How to find your purpose in life and get paid for it

Mark Twain once said: “There are two important moments in a person's life, the moment he is born and the moment he discovers for what.”

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Finally revealed! How to find your purpose in life and get paid for it
Finally revealed! How to find your purpose in life and get paid for it

One of the greatest secrets that life has for us is the same opportunity it offers us daily to allow us to discover what our purpose is . Every decision we make, every situation we face, every thought we have and every moment we share influence our lives and those of the other people we live with. We are all connected and everything is related to a very intimate level, so close that it is inseparable.

This same thing creates different possibilities and futures that we can live. But how to get to the best choice? Which of them to choose?

But before answering these questions, let's ask ourselves: Can we choose the purpose of life?

In the book, it is mentioned that the important thing is not the answers if not the questions.These questions become very important when in today's world, without wanting it and many times without knowing it, we experience a stun from the mass media. , which generates a lot of confusion. To avoid this mental contamination and to be able to answer the questions raised above, it is necessary to know the reason for your existence, the reason why you are here at this time.

One of the preferred methods to identify your life purpose and with it the possibility of obtaining happiness in your life is the Japanese IKAGI , which also shows us the way to be able to make it profitable and to be able to live from it (and as entrepreneurs not we can ask for more).

According to the co-author Akihiro Hasegawa, clinical psychologist and associate professor at Toyo Eiwa University, he placed the word ikagi as part of the day-to-day life of Japanese language. It is composed of two words: iki , which means life, and gai , which describes possessing value or being worthy. Therefore, this word could be translated as “that which is worth living for”, that is, your passion in life, which makes your heart beat.

With this in mind we could say that if you already have your passion identified, you go one step ahead of others, but we all return to the starting point when we realize that we cannot live from it because we do not know how to convert that passion into constant and vibrant income .

Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that our passion for life should be aligned with what the market needs and not only with what you can contribute. For this reason, the ikagi contemplates four important components to make your passion a profitable passion:

1. What makes my heart beat? What you love to do you can do even in the worst circumstances, because that gives meaning to your life and is part of you.

2. Not only do our needs count, also those of others and are as important as our own. So look around and try to identify what are the problems facing the world, society, your community. Those situations that harm others are untapped gold mines for those who know how to sell solutions.

3. The benefit of adversity comes from conflicting , uncomfortable or vulnerable situations, that is, unsatisfied needs, can be taken advantage of in your favor if you detect that there is a potential market willing to pay to solve them.

4. So close but so far away , no matter how much we love to do something, even if it is the reason why our hearts beat and that we contribute to the solution of a problem for which the world is willing to pay us, if not We are good at it, we do not know how to do such work or get someone to do it for us, we will never monetize our passion.

There are many cases and maybe you know someone who loved to do something, but could never monetize it and live on it because there was no market for what she did, it was not the right time to do it, I did not know how to sell it, distribute it, etc., which ended up making her abandon her passion since she could never see results of it, despite being very good ideas or contributions.

That is why the ikagi invites us to see beyond our nose, in order to take into account the influence of capitalism and how to conveniently integrate it with our tastes, so that we can find a profitable and satisfactory activity that allows us in a double game , be happy and live from our happiness.

If you are able to respond to the following points, you must be sure that you have a project with a good chance that the market will accept it:

  • What I love
  • What the world needs
  • That for what you can pay me
  • What I'm good at

You will also have enough confidence to present it because it is something that also encourages you to undertake, because you consider that beyond the benefits that your idea can give you, the biggest benefit will be to give others something really valuable. , which will improve their lives in one way or another.

Because ultimately, if you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time.

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