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Filipino doctors warn Duterte: “We are fighting COVID-19.”

August 1, 2020

The Philippine College of Physicians published an open letter this Saturday warning the country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte, that “a lost fight against COVID-19” is being waged socially, due to poor health care systems and poor awareness he asked to return to quarantine in Greater Manila.

“Healthcare workers have come together to send an alarm: Our health system is overwhelmed,” they said, recalling that the number of infections is “increasing,” with another 3,954 cases of coronavirus on Friday. for a total of 93,354 infections, including 2,023 deaths.

The signatories, supported by more than 80 medical organizations in the country, have pointed out, among other things, the few hospital staff available to the main reason for the collapse. “Our healthcare workers consume the endless number of patients who arrive in the emergency room,” they showed.

Filipino doctors warn Duterte: “We are fighting COVID-19.”Filipino doctors warn Duterte: “We are fighting COVID-19.”

They have also highlighted deficiencies in detecting infected people, tracking their contacts and isolating security measures at work and in public transport, as well as Filipinos’ lack of awareness “the wrong perception that it is improving”.