Fighting in the Strip kills about 70 in Gaza and seven in Israel

The death toll from the bombings in Gaza and the impact on Israel of projectiles fired from the enclave have risen to around 70 Palestinians and seven Israelis, while the conflict has escalated the most since 2014. The tensions in Jerusalem are the trigger.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), has said 69 Palestinians have died so far, including two whose bodies were recovered early in the morning from the ruins of a building in the north of the territory.

The death toll includes 17 children while 370 people were injured, while the ministry has said some of the dead show signs of inhaling “toxic gases” without determining the causes for the moment.

Fighting in the Strip kills about 70 in Gaza and seven in Israel
Fighting in the Strip kills about 70 in Gaza and seven in Israel

In addition, at least seven people, including a child and an Indian national, have died in Israel as a result of projectiles being fired from the Gaza Strip by Palestinian armed groups. The dead include one soldier who was hit by an anti-tank missile attack while the rest are civilians.

The permanent representative of India to the United Nations, TS Tirumurti, has mourned the death of the Indian citizen and condemned “all acts of violence, especially rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip”, as stated in his report on the network. Social Twitter specified.

In this context, the Israeli authorities have decided to divert incoming flights to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv to Ramon Airport in the south. So the passengers will disembark in Ramon and the planes will fly empty to Ben Gurion, where the travelers will embark on the outbound flight.

The decision aims to widen the air corridor for passenger flights and reduce the number of aircraft loaded with passengers in Ben Gurion in order to reduce the likelihood of casualties in the event of a projectile strike at the airport, according to the Israeli newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’ ‘.

On the other hand, Israeli army spokesman Hidai Zilberman has assured that a plan for a possible invasion of Gaza will be presented this Thursday, a proposal that could be approved during the day. The government approved a bombing campaign on Monday that ruled out an incursion for the time being.

Zilberman has also stated that the alarms that went off in the north of the country in the early hours of this Thursday were false alarms as “no missile went into the Esdrelón Valley”. During the night it was reported that anti-aircraft alarms had been activated for the first time since tensions escalated in northern Israel.

As the Israeli army has extensively pointed out, after another night of clashes and rocket fire, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched jet fighter attacks on dozens of “terrorist targets across the Gaza Strip”.

Among these goals, they have reached a Hamas tunnel that is under a school and other civilian buildings. They have denounced this on their Twitter account, arguing that “Hamas is deliberately placing its military assets in the heart of the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.”

In doing so, the Israeli army has ensured that it “takes precautions to minimize possible harm to civilians during its military activities” despite the Palestinian authorities denouncing direct attacks on civilian targets in the Palestinian enclave.

In this context, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that Israeli fighter planes bombed a residential building in the Al Rimal district west of Gaza City.

Several Hamas-related government targets were also hit during the night, including several counterintelligence buildings and one of the naval forces of the Islamist group, as well as several branches of the central bank in the Gaza Strip.

Likewise, the Palestinian Authority intelligence services have denounced that a Palestinian who was shot by Israeli forces was a member of the organization and rejected the Israeli version that he was a person preparing an attack.

“The occupation army and the settler gangs murdered the security officers of the Palestinian General Intelligence Service in cold blood,” the agency said in a statement. The event resulted in a second agent in critical condition.

Following the incident in the West Bank on Tuesday, Israeli authorities alleged that Israel “prevented” a terrorist attack, adding that one of the vehicle occupants was carrying a gun. The late Ahmad Daraqme was unarmed, Israel confirmed, while the second agent, Mohamad al Nubani, was armed.

On the other hand, and before the start of the Eid al Fitr Festival, the esplanade of the mosques – a place known by the Jews as the Temple Mount – has already begun this Thursday with banners in support of Hamas in a symbolic act.The escalation of tensions results from the Disruption of the Israeli armed forces on Sunday at the holy place and the release of tear gas even inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest place for Muslims.

In response, Hamas launched several projectiles in and around Jerusalem after warning Israel of police repression and prompted Israel to respond with a bombing campaign against the enclave, to which Palestinian factions responded with increased rocket launch.

The rise in fighting was followed by an increase between Jews and Muslims in several cities in Israel and the West Bank, including beatings and lynching attempts, which raised alarms of the possibility of a major civil war, as reported by the Israeli media.

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