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Fern á ndez appeals to the “unit” for a “new social contract” in Argentina

December 10, 2019
Mauricio Macri pasa el bastón de mando a Alberto Fernández en Argentina

Mauricio Macri passes the baton to Alberto Fernández in Argentina – REUTERS / AGUSTIN MARCARIAN

Denounces Macri's economic policies and warns that “the debt can only be paid if the country grows”


The new president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, has appealed to the “unity” of the whole country for the sake of a “new social contract” in his speech to take office, in which he has also thrown in the face of the outgoing Government its economic policies and advance that will propose a new budget.

Fern á ndez appeals to the “unit” for a “new social contract” in Argentina
Fern á ndez appeals to the “unit” for a “new social contract” in Argentina

After receiving the wand and the presidential gang from Mauricio Macri, Fernández has taken the floor in Congress to “summon the unity of all of Argentina in pursuit of the construction of a new social citizen contract.”

This contract, stressed the Peronist politician, must be “fraternal, because the time has come to embrace the different, and supportive, because in this social emergency it is time to start with the last and then reach everyone.” “This is the spirit of the time we inaugurated,” he stressed.

The brand new president has stressed that to “put Argentina on its feet” we must “recover a series of social, economic and productive balances that we don't have today.” “It is time to abandon the daze, to be aware of the deep wounds we have today,” he added, emphasizing that in order to heal them it is necessary “time, calm and above all humanity.”

Fernandez has argued that if the country is in the current situation it is because “very bad economic policies have been applied”, something that in his opinion was also “decisive” at the time that the Argentines did not grant Macri a second term.

In this regard, he has argued that “there is no debt payment that can be sustained if the country does not grow” and has ensured that the draft budget must be “own” and “not dictated from outside.” According to the new president, only one budget can be obtained after “the renegotiation of the debt and the implementation of social economic and real economy measures”.

“We will not give parliamentary treatment to the budget projected by the outgoing Government for 2020. Their numbers do not reflect the reality of the macroeconomics, nor the social reality nor the debt commitments that have really been assumed,” he said.

In this regard, he has announced that his Government will promote “a set of economic and social measures of different nature that begin to reverse the structural course of social and productive backwardness” and that this will convene different sectors for the “implementation of a set of basic solidarity agreements in the emergency “.

Fernández has pledged in the same line to “protect the most vulnerable sectors”, since “the Government that has just finished its mandate left the country in a situation of virtual 'default'”. The president has specifically referred to “more than 15 million people suffer from food insecurity in a country that is one of the largest food producers in the world.”

“We need all united Argentina to put a stop to this social catastrophe,” he said, lamenting that “one in two children is poor in our country.” “Without bread there is no present or future. Without bread life only suffers. Without bread there is no democracy or freedom,” he has said.

He has also denounced the high rate of youth unemployment, which affects 30 percent of young people, and has promised “actions that make it easier for all holders of the supplementary social salary to be able to enter the workplace and collect for their work.” “The work culture is guaranteed by creating formal jobs,” he said.

On the other hand, he has also referred in his intervention to justice, in a clear allusion to the numerous open processes that his now vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and other prominent former senior Kirchner officials have.

“Without independent justice there is no republic or democracy. We have seen the deterioration in recent years. We have seen undue persecutions and arbitrary detentions, induced by those who govern and silenced by some media complacency. Never again to a justice contaminated by intelligence services, for operators and media lynchings, “he proclaimed.

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