Farmer Connect and 1850 Coffee contact Colombian coffee producers and consumers using blockchain technology

With blockchain technology provided by IBM, consumers can track the coffee beans they consume to their origin in Colombia on a platform designed to improve traceability. Efficiency and fairness in the coffee supply chain. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish by IBM through a statement.

“1850 Coffee®, a brand of JM Smucker, is a pioneer in collaboration with Farmer Connect in a new era of transparency in the coffee production chain as it offers 100% Colombian bottled coffee,” the announcement said.

How detailed Consumers can scan a QR code on the coffee bag and are directed from their device to the Thank My Farmer website, which contains information about where the coffee was grown, processed and exported and where it is roasted. You can also access more information about ongoing Farmer Connect projects to help coffee producers and their families in Colombia, including: For example: drinking water supply for schools; Coffee seedlings for small businesses; School supplies for local schools; and sustainable water and agriculture initiatives.

Farmer Connect and 1850 Coffee contact Colombian coffee producers and consumers using blockchain technology
Farmer Connect and 1850 Coffee contact Colombian coffee producers and consumers using blockchain technology

“The initiative comes at a time when more and more consumers are targeting their buying patterns and buying products that match their values. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, 71% of the group of people who care about sustainability is willing to pay a premium for the brands they offer, ”they said in the statement.

Joe Stanziano, senior vice president and general manager for coffee at JM Smucker Company, said:

“We know that consumers are increasingly interested in transparency in the supply chains of the products they enjoy, and we are committed to promoting that interest as part of our coffee sustainability strategy. Our collaboration with Farmer Connect and IBM not only helps To connect coffee lovers to the producers who deliver their favorite drink every morning, but also gives them the opportunity to support these small farmers and their families. “

Supply chain

The coffee supply chain is complex because, unlike other cultural products that are supplied in large quantities by larger agricultural companies, green coffee is made by more than 25 million small producers. The blockchain platform gives consumers access to transparency and can participate in a global circular economy in which consumers can be directly involved in the farming communities that produce their food and beverages.

According to IBM This transparency is achieved by using a blockchain to record data about every step in the supply chain on the coffee route. including the grains used, the roasting points, the ports to which they were shipped, and more. “Information about these events is embedded in an immutable log that creates greater responsibility for coffee producers and their supply chain partners, and helps ensure that the products are what they say they are,” they said. .

Raj Rao, CEO of IBM Food Trust, said:

“Working with The JM Smucker Company was an exceptional opportunity to showcase the work of the farmers who grow the beans behind one of the world’s leading coffee brands. With Blockchain, we can provide coffee consumers with the tools they need, to feel connected to the region where their coffee comes from and even to support the farmers. “

Coffee 1850

The coffee from 1850 is 100% Colombian with a blend of premium Colombian Arabica beans.

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