Farage offers Johnson a pact and warns him of a possible “kick” at the polls if there is no Brexit

The Labor Party proposes to hold a second referendum before there are new elections

LONDON, Sep 11 (Reuters / EP) –

The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, has offered the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, an alliance for the next parliamentary elections, although at the same time he has warned him that if the United Kingdom does not leave the EU at the scheduled date – on October 31–, the Conservative Party will suffer a “real kick” at the polls that could leave him without a majority.

Johnson has twice proposed to the House of Commons to hold early elections on October 15, but the opposition rejected that idea because it could not rule out that there was a Brexit without an agreement two weeks later.

Farage offers Johnson a pact and warns him of a possible “kick” at the polls if there is no Brexit
Farage offers Johnson a pact and warns him of a possible “kick” at the polls if there is no Brexit

Farage, who after his stage in the Eurosceptic UKIP now leads the Brexit Party, winner of the last European elections, has insisted on the need to meet the current deadlines, in a scenario where the usual bipartisanship no longer seems so clear in politics British

“If we pass on October 31 and continue as members of the European Union, which seems increasingly likely, many voters will move from the Conservative Party to the Brexit Party,” said Farage, who has warned the 'tories' of the “kick” that could suffer from November 1.

“I hope Boris Johnson simply looks at the numbers. If we stand against them, they may not achieve a majority,” he warned. Johnson, in fact, no longer has a majority support in the House of Commons after the displacement of part of the 'tories' by the controversies over Brexit.

Farage has assured that there have already been contacts with the conservatives for a kind of non-aggression pact, although he still would not have received any clear answer. This agreement would imply that each of the two formations took a step back in the constituencies where the rival has more options to get elected.

Farage, who was the leader of the UKIP when former Prime Minister David Cameron announced the convening of a referendum on the possible exit of the European Union, has ensured that he is prepared in the event that a second consultation is called, a route that for now discards The current government.

The 'number two' of the Labor Party, Tom Watson, has proposed not only that this referendum be held, but that it be held before the next general elections. “We are going to deal with Brexit with a referendum in which all people can give their opinions and then come together to demand a Labor Social Agenda in our elections, on our own terms, not those of Boris Johnson,” he said during a speech in London. .

A poll by the Kantar firm published on Wednesday predicts an intention to vote 38 percent for the Conservative Party, 14 points above Labor. Both formations, however, coincide in a four-point drop.

According to this same survey, prepared from interviews that were conducted between September 5 and 9, just over half of the citizens support that any agreement for leaving the European Union be submitted to a referendum before any ratification .

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