‘Fake meat’, iquest; business opportunity?

Real meat products have lost their good reputation in many advanced economies.

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‘Fake meat’,  iquest; business opportunity?
‘Fake meat’, iquest; business opportunity?

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Loshan lost his good reputation in many advanced economies. The reason? Its production causes harmful effects on the environment and, with some exceptions, may shorten the life of consumers, the latter already out of debate in the case of red.

This new scenario presents a huge business opportunity for substitutes for food products derived from animals, at least according to calculations by the consultant. Only meat grown in the laboratory through animal cells could reach a market share of sales of 35% in 2040, which may seem a relatively optimistic forecast if one considers that it is still undergoing experimentation. Vegan substitutes, meanwhile, would absorb 25% of revenue. According to this forecast, traditional meat would only generate the remaining quota, which is 40%.


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