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Facebook launches Reels, the TikTok competition

July 29, 2020

This new platform, which works from Instagram, will be available in August.

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Facebook launches Reels, the TikTok competitionFacebook launches Reels, the TikTok competition

This story originally appeared on Cinema Premiere

By Eugenia Rivas Calderón

Tick ​​tack It is probably one of the social networks that has become more relevant in the past few months and has given us some fun moments. Therefore, it is already planned to compete with him Facebookwho couldn’t be left behind and decided to compete with the application on a new Instagram extension called Reels.


An exact date has yet to be confirmed. The roles would arrive in the US and the rest of the world in August This year, after being developed and tested as a new feature to create short 15-second videos that can add music and audio, as well as various editing tools and others to make it easier to record content.

This Instagram extension has already been tested in countries like Brazil, Germany and France, but was even launched this month after the one in India Ban TikTok and 59 other apps developed in China said country.

In a similar scenario, the introduction of reels in the United States would come if the Donald Trump government pointed it out could ban the application in North AmericaA decision that could be made in the coming weeks as it is seen as a problem that they take too seriously.


Previously, YouTube wanted to do it too competition to the fashion app by trying out a platform called shorts.

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