eye! Being busy is not synonymous with being productive

Being always busy is not necessarily a quality.

Surely in your work there is an eternal busy: that person with so many earrings that he does not have time or to breathe, who complains every day of being “up to the neck of work” and, of course, does not lose opportunity to publish it on social networks (because for that there is always time, right?).

Busy people often boast of being hardworking. But this is not necessarily a quality, and that being busy is not synonymous with being productive. Productive people do not focus on working hours, but on results: they deliver their work in a timely manner and exceed expectations.

eye! Being busy is not synonymous with being productive
eye! Being busy is not synonymous with being productive

How to know if you are a busy or productive person? Keep reading to find out.

They know how to prioritize tasks. Busy people want to do it all at once, because they want to look good with everyone: they answer calls and emails, spend hours taking out “pumped up” and leave the most important thing for last. That's why they are always running. Instead, productive people plan their day early and begin to solve the most important tasks.

They do what is really important. Busy people do not know how to say “no” nor are they organized; Therefore, his day is spent on solving small tasks, those that have little to do with the general objectives of the company. On the other hand, productive people focus their attention on formulating innovative ideas and doing what is necessary to turn them into projects.

They focus on results. Busy people focus all their attention on processes, they usually find a thousand and one obstacles to complete a task. Therefore, they often leave the earrings unfinished. Productive people plan their activities carefully, set deadlines and meet them. They let the results speak for themselves.

They have time for everything. Interestingly, the most productive people are so organized that they always find time for everything: to finish their work on time, go home, spend time with their family, have hobbies … On the contrary, busy people do nothing but complain about what They are busy.

They do one thing at a time. Busy people believe that multitasking is a virtue, and that's why they try to do everything at once. But, at the end of the day, they complete few tasks and are plagued with stress. Productive people know that to be more efficient it is necessary to do only one thing at a time.

They are kept updated. Busy people are so busy that they never have time to read, take courses or attend meetings related to their profession. Productive people know the importance of investing time in keeping up to date, as this will allow them to do their job better.

They plan and act. Productive people are agile when it comes to solving problems. They do not complain about their bad luck, crush the inconveniences or think of a thousand pretexts for not doing things: they analyze the situation, quickly create an action plan and carry it out without thinking too much. They do not offer pretexts, but solutions.

They do not live stressed. Do you remember Alice's rabbit? Busy people are more or less like this: they are always in a hurry, and paradoxically, they rarely reach their goals on time. They are usually anxious, nervous, stressed and irritable people. Productive people are not stressed at the slightest provocation, because they do not work against the clock and know how to keep their emotions under control.

They live the moment. Productive people focus their thoughts on one thing, and that is what they are doing at that moment. If they are with their family, they are not thinking about work. If they are at work, they are not thinking about the departure time. They know that everything has its time.

They are always ready. Productive people anticipate situations, so they rarely catch them off guard. They know how to react to each situation, and they do it calmly and thoughtfully.

Based on a note from Great Guru .

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