Extremadura will host the Blockchain Startup Europe Awards 2021

After the celebration of the International Forum for Blockchain and Technological Innovation, organized by the Iberian Blockchain Institute, which is held in cooperation with companies such as the financial sector, the Business Market Network or the Finnova Foundation in the city of Badajoz, sWe announced that Extremadura will host the Blockchain Startup Europe Awards for its new edition in 2021.

As announced by the Spanish digital media Communicate, The event takes place in the Spanish city, which not only brings together a large production of Iberian hams and wines, but has now become the epicenter of the country’s technological progress.

The event on October 13th in Badajoz was attended by more than 300 companies, professionals and experts from the fields of technology, finance, law and economics, as well as representatives from countries such as the USA, Latin America and Europe.

Extremadura will host the Blockchain Startup Europe Awards 2021
Extremadura will host the Blockchain Startup Europe Awards 2021

The opening conference was chaired by the President of the Alastria National Blockchain Cluster, María Parga, who in her speech highlighted the great transformation of a technology like blockchain, disruptive and scalable, that is revolutionizing the known reality with a change comparable to the arrival of the Internet itself .

The International Forum for Blockchain and Technological Innovation took place in the Siglo XXI building in Badajoz, Extremadura. The event was attended by the co-founders of the Iberian Blockchain Institute, Francisco Lozano and José de la Fuente, who commented:

“The company’s commitment to creating a permanent forum that aims to create synergies and connectivity between the players in the global ecosystem in the field of blockchain and technological innovation. As is the company’s focus on calling for advice, support and training for public and private agents in the face of the profound changes that disruptive blockchain technology will inexorably bring, ”they said.

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As mentioned in a previous article in Cointelegraph, the event took place as part of a series of workshops, workshops and networking spaces that were attended by more than 30 speakers who discussed issues related to blockchain. Cybersecurity and the digitization of production processes as well as the possibilities for generating business opportunities and for networking companies.

On this day, a group of experts and specialists with a high level of relevance in the public and private sector took part, for example Miguel Escassi, advisor to the Ministry of Economy of the Spanish government and responsible for the National Digital Agenda 2030, in the first panel entitled “Digital Agenda , technological transformation and security in the context of the 4th industrial revolution from public to private ”.

Accompanied by two large international specialists in the field of digitization such as Agustín Argelich, member of the Intelligent Community Forum based in Canada and Taiwan, and Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of the Finnova Foundation, a startup sponsor. Europa Awards, jointly discussed theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain technology.

For the second panel of the meeting, entitled “Keys, challenges and challenges in the area of ​​blockchain and digitization in the field of public administration”, Luis Mulero from Safexain spoke about the practical applications of the usefulness of the blockchain in registration processes, traceability or operations in the public sector Administration.

At the end of the morning meeting, Miguel also attended the work table entitled “The use of blockchain in the industrial and legal field: keys to security and the development of the network” Ángel Pérez García, founder of Icommunity Labs and Javier Plaza, professor of civil law from the University of Valencia, experts in data protection, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and transparency, discussed the convergence of technology and digitization with the world of law and business.

This group of experts is joined by Ignacio Martín, Head of the Blockchain Sector Project in Bankia, Sergio Massa del Csic and Duilio Delia, Expert in Blockchain Programs from the Iberian Blockchain Institute, who deals with the vertical “Blockchain for Beginners: Keys, Tools and Basic” Instructions “.

At the end of the International Forum for Blockchain and Technological Innovation, two round tables took place, one entitled “ship, Startup Ecosystem, SMEs and Blockchain Technology: Keys to Building the Business Structure” and the second entitled “From Theory to practice: The transformation of areas from innovation, technology and blockchain “.

Likewise, the meeting was closed with the lecture by the co-founder of the Iberian Blockchain Institute, Francisco Lozano, accompanied by Francisco Abbedabro, International Vice President for Business Development of the US multinational Oracle, and Galo Vásconez Del Salto, President of the Bolívar Chamber of Commerce “Technology and Paradigm Shifts in the 21st Century: Challenges, Challenges, and Opportunities”.

In particular, the days of the international forum ended with several milestones, including the Finnova Foundation’s announcement that Extremadura will once again be the center of blockchain technology development by hosting the 2021 edition of the Blockchain Startup Europe Awards, World Benchmark Awards.

Reference was also made to the creation of a permanent portal for the revitalization and development of the Iberian blockchain ecosystem between Portugal and Spain, as well as the implementation of public-private cooperation programs to adapt the social and productive fabric to blockchain technology.

Spain continues to show great interest in developing this disruptive technology. The acceptance of the blockchain in various sectors is increasing, Therefore, the implementation of this technology is seen as an opportunity for innovation and impetus for Extremadura.

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