Extend the validity of this certificate by one year

The certificate is only valid for 2020 and the next review period lasts until the first semester 2021.

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Extend the validity of this certificate by one year
Extend the validity of this certificate by one year

The Ministry of Environment of the Government of Mexico (SMA) informs that the company’s validity will be extended to one year of vehicle inspection. That is, vehicles with evidence in 2020 will be valid until their next review period in the first half of 2021.

As part of the mobility strategy in Metropolitan regions of the valley of Mexico and Toluca In view of the health emergency presented by the Covid-19, the vehicle test protocol for the resumption of operation in the pollution emission test centers for approved motor vehicles was drawn up for the only time.

When the epidemiological traffic light turns yellow and services can be reopened, the Vereficentros will operate from Monday to Saturday by appointment from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

This measure will continue until the health authority detects it during the health emergency.

Through plates

The vehicle inspection must be done before December 31, 2020. According to the completion of the license plate, the data are:

  • Plate completion 7 or 8: There are 30 calendar days
  • Plate completion 3 or 4: with 60 calendar days
  • Plate completion 1 or 2: 90 calendar days
  • Record completion 9 or 0: 120 calendar days

Vehicles that fail the check will be penalized with 20 times the UMA value, which is 1,737.60 pesos.

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