Experts warn of a possible smartphone shortage caused by COVID-19

It is likely that smartphone production and therefore a lack of this product will decrease.

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Experts warn of a possible smartphone shortage caused by COVID-19
Experts warn of a possible smartphone shortage caused by COVID-19

The production chain of Smartphones world could be affected by the sustainability of the SARSCov2 pandemic responsible for COVID-19 as they are assembled in China from materials manufactured in other parts of the world, said the Director General of the Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU). Ernesto Piedras, in a quarterly report from the company.

According to the message Telecommunications in the first quarter 20 and projections in late 2020“The timing of recovery is uncertain and could be interrupted by coronavirus outbreaks if containment measures are not implemented or are ineffective.”

Why the smartphone production chain in the world affected by the pandemic? According to The CIU, it is because:

  • The design, production and marketing of mobile devices is a very global process
  • The production chain of any equipment requires the delivery of components that are manufactured and assembled in different countries around the world
  • This chain is badly affected by the pandemic today
  • Risk of damage to shipments intended to meet equipment needs each year

Picture: The CIU

The mobile communications market is also expected to fall between 19.9 and 24.9 percent. On the other hand, prepaid and postpaid services will also be affected by their users’ income decline.

It is also expected that the shortage will not be limited to mobile phone products only, as tablet and computer production will be affected in the same way.

Noteworthy is that Apple also announced a possible lack of iPhone in its first quarterly report in 2020, as the outbreak of the corona virus affected production and demand for the product that is being manufactured in China, where the facilities are just starting up . Capacity.

Picture: The CIU

It was planned that 2020 would be a year of economic recovery for Mexico after the 2019 recession. However, the pandemic triggered by covid-19 has completely changed the panorama, and now it is the experts who can assure it that 2020 will be one of the worst years for the economy of the country and the world.

For now, companies need to implement strategies to adapt to this economic crisis and satisfy their customers, which is why some have been forced to offer flexibility in paying for their services.

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