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Experts highlighted the government of Aragon as a pioneer in the use of blockchain

September 5, 2020

In Spain, blockchain technology experts have highlighted the Aragon government as a pioneer in the use of this disruptive technology. This was reported in Noticias DE on September 4th.

This was done as part of a course entitled “Blockchain Technology: Current Situation and Future Prospects in the Autonomous Community of Aragon”.. There, the social, legal and economic-financial effects of blockchain technology were analyzed.

On the other hand, the Europa Press agency announced the following details about this course: “Organized by ITAINNOVA and sponsored by the University of Saragossa, it offers a comprehensive vision of the current blockchain situation in both Aragon and Spain. ”,

Experts highlighted the government of Aragon as a pioneer in the use of blockchainExperts highlighted the government of Aragon as a pioneer in the use of blockchain

“Experts and professionals from private companies, public administration and ITAINNOVA as a technology center that develops blockchain-based solutions intervened on days 3 and 4 in September and demonstrated the potential of this technology that it is based on collaboration and both in social and social terms represents an opportunity for improvement in economic terms, ”said Europa Press.

Official highlights of Aragon

It was the Minister of the Government of Aragon, Marta Gastón (Economy, Planning and Employment), who opened the meeting, while Minister Maru Díaz (Science, University and Knowledge Society) was responsible for closing it.

“The event was sponsored by the Public Procurement Observatory and two institutional chairs at Zaragoza University, the Corvers Public Procurement Innovation Chair and the Inycom Chair,” said Europa Press.

Amongst other things, Maru Díaz highlighted how Aragón has become a pioneer by awarding a public contract through blockchain. In this context, the European Commission and the World Economic Forum have pointed out that there is “an exemplary practice against corruption in jurisprudence”.

Also, The blockchain technology was also used to present offers in a further 24 tenders, which implies a shortening of the deadlines for the award of public contracts.

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