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Expert Discusses Wasabi Wallet’s Response to Wallet Security Issues

August 24, 2020

Though the wallet Wasabi purse Bitcoin (BTC) data protection oriented Recently, allegations that his anonymity characteristics could be compromised have been denied, an outside expert disagrees.

In a blog post on August 19, Wasabi’s competitor, Samouraito have claimed “Two potential privacy vulnerabilities discovered in Wasabi wallet software”.

Mario Havel, Co-founder of the non-profit organization Parallel polissaid the samourai allegations seem believable and can be checked in the wasabi code. He explained:

“The vulnerabilities discovered […] They do not compromise the security of the wallet. Instead, they just concern [el anonimato en] Some CoinJoin scenarios where the user mixes more [salidas de transacciones no gastadas]”.

Expert Discusses Wasabi Wallet’s Response to Wallet Security IssuesExpert Discusses Wasabi Wallet’s Response to Wallet Security Issues

The main developer of Wasabi, Adam Ficsor, stated that the problem is from samourai the lack of randomness in the output of the unspent transaction or UTXOwhen you make the CoinJoin mix selection. He explained that this does not affect anonymity as only the users themselves know all of the UTXOs in their wallet.

Havel noted that Wasabi users using his CoinJoin feature should always know how to manage their UTXOs in such a way that anonymity is preserved:

“Proper privacy protection, especially with tools like currency control, requires some learning and attention. In this case, the user must be aware of possible attack scenarios and avoid them by properly handling UTXOs.”

Ficsor also said that samourai “had repeatedly claimed in the past to” de-anonymize “wasabi. This statement is in line with the July 2019 reports in which Samourai initially raised concerns about Wasabi’s CoinJoin app. Ficsor said that “the community knows their demands are excessive.” Mário Havel disagrees:

“There have been many more or less sensible clashes in the past, but overall the samurai investigation does a good and interesting job for the Bitcoin privacy ecosystem. Most of the allegations against Wasabi are based on [el problema mencionado anteriormente, que es que] It takes some knowledge to use it properly in private. “

However, Havel admits that “Samourai and Wasabi are in competition” and that both benefit from their users’ CoinJoin fees. Both companies also benefit from damaging their competitors’ reputations.. He concluded:

“I personally use both wallets because they each have different features and benefits. […] Both are great services even without the CoinJoin feature and it just depends on the user how they use them and what wallet features they need.

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